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The Children’s Garden nursery is committed to ensuring that all children are happy, healthy, safe, inspired and having fun. Our professional and skilled staff work hard to ensure each child feels welcome – implementing a robust Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to ensure all children reach their full potential
We provide many opportunities for children to learn through play and develop their skills. Our Inclusive Learning policy is achieved by ensuring that every child attending our nursery receives appropriate support for any Special Educational Need, regardless of their background.

The Children’s Garden nursery is a part of NEWTEC – a training provider specialising in Early Years and Health and Social Care.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, where all children to learn through a range of activities. Early Years providers follow a structure of learning, care and development for children, from birth to five years old.

Experiences in Early Years can benefit children in developing social skills and their ability to learn. Good quality childcare benefits children throughout primary school. A profile containing records of your child’s progress will be kept by the nursery, and parent/carers are welcome to read this record at any time.

At the heart of EYFS is the principle that young children need to play to have fun; to make friends and begin to learn and understand about the world around them.