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University of East London Biochemistry

University of East London Biochemistry, BSc (Hons)

If you want to enjoy a practical study of one of the fastest-growing and most fascinating areas of human knowledge, then our new Biotechnology and Biochemistry course is for you. You’ll be taught by – and also get the chance to assist – brilliant scientists who are involved in groundbreaking research and new discoveries.

Increasingly, biochemists and biotechnologists are playing a crucial role in genetic engineering and molecular bioengineering, as well as other areas of physiology and medicine. For instance, antibiotics remain one of the UK’s main exports and their production by fermenting micro-organisms in the pharmaceutical industry has revolutionised healthcare.

We want to give you a comprehensive understanding of the theory and application of biotechnology and biochemistry in areas of medicine and industry. So you can be part of this invigorating exploration, studying subjects that are playing a key role in improving manufacturing processes, in fighting disease and improving our lives.

This course comes with the option of a year-long industry placement between years two and three. If you choose this option, you’ll spend your third year working in a hospital or research centre, adding valuable practical experience to your growing academic knowledge.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for a BSc degree, you have the option of taking an extended four-year version of this course. You’ll take a Bioscience foundation year which will prepare you for the BSc degree.