University of East London Anthropology

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University of East London Anthropology

Our postgraduate courses give you professional skills in contemporary ethnography. You’ll develop expertise as a people specialist and be able to expand your knowledge in the fields of human rights and justice.

University of East London Anthropology with Sociology BSc (Hons)

Anthropology and sociology constitute two approaches to the study of what it means to be human. Linking science and the humanities, both disciplines study humans as members of cultures and societies. We ask the big questions that only these two disciplines can answer.

How, for example, did language and culture evolve? Is family life the same in Amazonia as it is in London’s East End? Have women always been oppressed? What causes racism and ethnic conflict? We combine study of primate societies, ancient and contemporary societies, focusing on anthropological and sociological approaches to politics, economics, kinship and religion. The core method of both anthropology and sociology is ethnographic fieldwork. Students taking this programme will be trained to carry out participant observation among people within their own communities and will be given opportunities to develop skills in conducting their own research. This leads them to develop professional skills in organising research, cooperating with others, planning and conducting interviews, collecting and analysing data, making sense of those results and finally, writing up findings and conclusions. These are transferable skills, relevant to a wide range of careers.