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Fit for delivery – VLE standards and accessibility

Standards for a VLE

Some universities that have ‘Threshold Standards’ or ‘minimum standards’ for their VLEs. However, in most of those cases they also have a system of monitoring those standards and intervening where they are not met.

We prefer to use recommendations about design and navigation standards, rather than hard and fast rules. This allows academics and support staff to make decisions about their use of the VLE based upon their pedagogical requirements in context.

There is a Default View for Blackboard, which is in place on every new Blackboard course. The features of the Default View came via a consultation with students and staff about how they felt Blackboard should look.

University of Derby VLE, Accessibility

Using a default view or threshold standards goes some way to meeting accessibility criteria because it encourages a consistency of approach, clear labelling, pathways and scaffolding.

University of York’s recommendations for VLE accessibility.

They consider planning, the structure of the VLE, and issues regarding the resources.

York do not use a mandated use approach at the institution level, instead they cultivate and manage it at a departmental level. They have ‘staff champions’ in departments.

University of Edinburgh have these recommendations for VLE accessibility.

They consider course structure, alternative formats for files and materials, and issues with multimedia.