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A journalism student at the University of Cumbria who started a magazine and website showcasing student talent has been awarded an UnLtd social enterprise grant to further his idea.

Social Entrepreneur Jack Stride, from Sutton Coldfield, was awarded just under £3000 after successfully applying for a ‘Do It’ Award to fund Campus, a project he came up with in his final year of studies.

“Campus is a way of celebrating the talent at University of Cumbria,” says Jack, 20. “It gives exposure to the exciting and inspirational work done by past and present students and promotes them to future employers. It’s a very exciting initiative.”

Stories for the magazine and website are sourced and written by a team of journalism students and will form an impressive portfolio for those involved.

“Programme leader of journalism, visual and written media, Tony Randall, was really keen on the idea from the start,” Jack says. “We all use skills and techniques we have learnt from our time at university and the magazine is the perfect place to see our work in practice.”

The articles are put online and in an e-edition magazine, but Jack thinks it is still important the magazine be put out as a hard copy: “By printing Campus we will achieve a substantially larger audience and more people can see the success of the students and the magazine.

“When someone who is featured in a story goes for an interview, or when one of the journalists who wrote for the magazine applies for a job, they can handover a copy of Campus and say ‘This is what I can do’. The magazine has so many social benefits.”

Campus is a social enterprise which will support graduates who develop enterprising and entrepreneurial skills by showcasing their achievements and will assist in raising their profile to help with future graduate employment prospects. Income generated will be reinvested back into the business to support the long term sustainability. Furthermore the magazine will inspire other students by helping them to realize that they too can undertake these exciting additional activities whilst at the University of Cumbria and of course there is lots of help and support available!

The award money will cover the printing costs of three editions of Campus and after that Jack hopes the magazine will sustain itself: “I’m very keen to create a Campus legacy and pass it down to future journalism students. With the help of advertising and sponsorship, the magazine will hopefully be able to fund its own print run after the third issue.”

Jack first heard about Social Enterprise support at the University of Cumbria whilst seeking funding advice from lecturer Michael Mitchell who told him the award scheme might be able to help. After a bit of research Jack contacted Student Enterprise Co-ordinator Sylvia Grainger. “Without the help of Sylvia, I never would have won the funding for Campus.  She really believed in the project and helped me every step of the way.

Sylvia said, “Jack was great to work with. He has such commitment and passion and really wants this social enterprise to make a difference and benefit students and graduates of the University of Cumbria. We have such a wealth of talent coming out of the university and it is fabulous to have this platform, run and written by students for the benefit of students. I look forward to continuing to work with Jack.”

The funding and support is a partnership between the University of Cumbria and UnLtd and provides real help and support to students, staff and graduates who are looking to set up social enterprises. This is the second year the programme has run, following a successful first year where many lessons were learnt by all. Jack and Campus have been awarded support to aid the development of this social enterprise. He will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs throughout the UK by attending the events run during the year.

Once the first issue is printed later this month, Jack and his team of journalists will start putting together issue number two of Campus, out in March, whilst balancing course work. Jack hopes the magazine will impress employers when he finishes university in June: “I’ve done quite a bit of magazine editorial work experience in London and Edinburgh, but I think this will be the most impressive thing on my CV.

“Thanks to the Student Enterprise and support of Sylvia Grainger, I am now able to access training schemes like the website workshop I’m booked into in February. I believe the Enterprise experience has enhanced my professional skills and helped strive towards my career aims and goals.”