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University Of Chichester Musical Theatre Triple Threat

Our BA (Hons) Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) has gained national recognition for excellence and for its unique offer to students in their third year to present fully-scaled productions with professional production teams within either a regional tour, major arts festivals or the opportunity to create and perform new immersive Musical Theatre commissions. The course at Chichester is the regional option to the London conservatoires. Competition is stiff, but the rewards are excellent.

One of the country’s leading and courses with strong industry links. Students can also audition for top-up entry into the third year through audition and a sufficient number of credits (240 as a guidance).

The course is also unique in offering technical and producing routes to support students who develop the interest and have the capability to gain successful careers in stage management including sound, lighting and costume and arts management and producing.

All students receive training in every aspect of Musical Theatre hence in acting, singing and dance and the focus is on developing technique and strength in all these areas equally. In the first year there is an end of year showcase presentation assessment and an informal audition in order to be placed into one of two companies in the second year of study. This leads up to public performances in The Alexandra Theatre, Bognor Regis.

In the second year all students continue to have regular access to classes in acting, singing and dance and are also offered additional specialised modules in Stage Management/Technical Theatre and Arts Management/Producing.

At the end of the second year of study students are placed into one of three companies by audition:  Musical Theatre Tour, Musical Theatre Commission or Musical Theatre Festival.

Year 1


This class develops the students acting effectiveness within a performing group, under the direction of specialist acting tutors. Classes support the development of confidence in ensemble performance, how to sustain energy through text and how to interpret and analyise the narrative whether spoken or sung, to give an honest and meaningful performance. Training includes performance techniques in a variety of acting contexts including immersive theatre, narrative analysis, dialect coaching, vocal projection, improvisation, script work, acting for screen, Shakespeare, metre and audition technique.


In this module students assess their current repertoire, and begin an exploration of new work under the direction of individual vocal specialist teachers and in singing masterclass sessions. Each student has a teacher who will look after their technical voice development. Students will also have classes in vocal ensemble work and 1-2-1 repertoire. In addition there are a series of drop in repertoire sessions taking place throughout the week.


In these classes students are taught by professional dancers and choreographers and receive training in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and Tap, with daily technique and body conditioning sessions. The classes are streamed according to level, so students will be placed in a class that reflects their ability. One of the course aims is to enable students to develop technical and expressive skills in performance and be able to develop skills in conveying narrative and the meaning of text, through Dance.

There are four contextual, theory-based modules over the first year worth 15 credits each. These include:

  • Introduction to Musical Theatre
  • Musical Grammar (in Semester 1 and 2)
  • Stage Management

Year 2

Technical classes in acting, singing and dance continue as detailed in the first year of study. Students are now placed into two companies and over the course of the year will engage in a fully-staged Musical Theatre performance at The Alexandra Theatre, a professional 350-seater theatre venue in Bognor Regis, plus a Revue/Showcase-style work in the University’s own studio space, The Assembly Theatre.

Students can also start to specialise in either Stage Management or Arts Management in addition to their performance and class-based training in acting, singing and dance. Students undertake additional practical tasks as part of the chosen specialism and opt for complementary contextual / theoretical modules to support that work. Professional mentoring is provided in these specialisms, which enhances the students’ training and support and provides quality assurance for the work that goes into the public domain.

Contextual modules include:

  • Contemporary Musical Theatre
  • Musical Theatre Industry

Or for Stage Management:

  • Props and Costume
  • Production and Stage Management

Or for Arts Management :

  • Events Management
  • Marketing and Self-employment
  • Producing

Year 3

In the third year of study, students are placed in one of three companies:

  • Musical Theatre Tour
  • Musical Theatre Commission
  • Musical Theatre Festival

Technical classes in acting, singing and dance continue with the addition of a weekly specialist workshop programme, including stage combat, audition technique, Musical Theatre libretti writing, visiting West End choreographers, voice technique, body percussion, puppetry, food and nutrition and a chance to meet and interview alumni who are thriving in the industry .

The Stage and Arts Management routes continue into third year with affiliated contextual modules.

Contextual Modules include:

  • Asian Musical Theatre and Performance Practice
  • Musical Theatre in the Community
  • Personal Study

Or for Stage Management:

  • Managing Teams and Processes
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

Or for Arts Management:

  • Business Project
  • Fundraising in the Arts

Students are also part of a Producing team, who meet weekly.