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University Of Chichester Graduate Jobs

Our GraduateOn programme provides a platform to bring together our students and graduates with local employers.

We aim to equip our students with the specialist, professional and personal skills required for employment and have a wealth of talent who want to apply those skills in the workplace in private business, public sector organisations and charities in West Sussex and neighbouring areas.

Employers are welcome to advertise their opportunities to our students and graduates on our TARGETconnect Jobs Board – free of charge.  A full range of opportunity types are supported including: full-time, part-time, temporary, permanent, graduate schemes, volunteering, internships and placements.  All opportunities must comply with our Code of Practice (see below).
To post opportunities you need to be registered on our system.  If you have already registered you only need to login (the login page also supports resetting passwords).


Once you have completed the registration, the Careers team will check and approve your application, and you will then be sent an email from TARGETconnect inviting you to create a password. You must agree to our Code of Practice shown below to advertise opportunities.

You will be able to post an opportunity at the time of registering. Opportunities will also be checked and approved by the Careers team and you will receive an email once the opportunity has been made available to students.

Student availability for part-time/temporary work

The academic year at Chichester generally runs from early September to early May with holidays at Christmas and Easter. Students based at both Chichester and Bognor campuses are looking for work. Some live locally and are available to work year round, others are looking for term-time work.

We recommend that full time students do not work more than about 15 hours a week in term-time.

Work placements

Students on Business, IT and Tourism courses have the opportunity to complete a ten week and / or a year’s work placement.

If you are interested in recruiting graduates for internships and work placements you can become involved with GraduateOn. This is a programme set up to provide the platform to launch graduate careers in West Sussex. Please contact the GraduateOn team on 01243 812075, or email for more details.

Other queries

If you have a query that has not been covered on this page you can send a query through TARGETconnect. If you do not yet have an account or are having difficulty with the system you may email us at or phone 01243 816035.

Code of Practice

  • The placement of an advert on TARGETconnect shall be regarded as acceptance of this Code of Practice.
  • Careers and Employability Service (CES) will endeavour to assist employers to locate suitable student employees by advertising their vacancies. CES reserves the right to refuse to advertise a vacancy without giving a reason and cannot guarantee responses to advertisements.
  • The employer must provide clear details about the nature of work on offer, must specify any skills or qualifications required, and must state the proposed wages and any other relevant terms and conditions. Where possible, the employer should also state the days and hours to be worked, the closing date for the job offer and the date employment will commence and end.
  • It is the responsibility of the employer to inform candidates regarding the result of an application and also, where appropriate, to retract the vacancy from TARGETconnect if it is filled prior to the closing date given.
  • The employer should ensure the suitability of any employee and shall be responsible for obtaining the references provided by the prospective employee.
  • It is the duty of the employer to meet all statutory legal requirements with regard to students employed via TARGETconnect. In particular, the employer is reminded of the following requirements: Payment of National Insurance contributions, income tax or other taxes where appropriate; Adherence to health and safety regulations. (This includes interview stage. Interviews should be held at a business address and advice should be sought from CES if this is not possible); Provision of adequate insurance; Compliance with legislation against discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnic origin, disability, age etc.
  • The employer must offer at least the National Minimum Wage, although it is pointed out that this is a minimum wage and CES encourages employers to pay more than this. CES will not accept vacancies that offer pay on a commission-only basis.
  • The employer should be aware of students’ study obligations (except during vacations) and should bear these in mind when negotiating hours for term-time work with students.
  • CES will not advertise vacancies where the employee will be self-employed or working for cash only.
  • Employers must supply an official business email address on registration, we do not accept registrations from from employers using Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or other similar ‘free’ email addresses
  • CES will only advertise jobs where employees will be located in business premises and not where the employer’s home/residence is the place of business. The only exception to this, is when a registered student with disabilities may wish to employ care assistants.
  • If an employer finds that a student recruited via TARGETconnect does not fulfill reasonable expectations, bearing in mind the job specification notified, CES will assist by re-advertising the vacancy.
  • CES accepts no responsibility for the arrangements between the employer and the employee. The University shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by employers arising from, or in any way connected with, the introduction by TARGETconnect to the employer of any employee.
  • Opportunities and contact details will be advertised online and access will be restricted to students at the University.