University of Cambridge Accommodation

University of Cambridge Accommodation

University of Cambridge Accommodation Service

The Accommodation Service exists to help you in your search for a home in Cambridge. We have over one hundred years’ experience of assisting members of the University to find accommodation. We provide access to properties, both within the private sector as well as University-owned properties, which includes newly constructed, purpose-built and highly sustainable homes for staff in a new district at the North West Cambridge Development.

It is unfortunately the case that there are a number of scam websites offering bogus accommodation. We advise extreme caution when using other property websites. One of the benefits of using our website is that the properties advertised on it are subject to our scrutiny and are verified as legitimate.

University of Cambridge Accommodation, Find a home

At the Accommodation Service we help members of the University and of affiliated institutions find homes and settle into life in Cambridge. We provide access to a wide range of accommodation.

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To join the University accommodation waiting list and view our directory of private accommodation you will first need to tell us more about yourself and what you’re looking for.