University of Brighton Jobs For Students

University of Brighton Jobs For Students

Working for your university

The university recruits a large number of part-time, casual or temporary staff as and when required – most commonly to provide face-to-face contact with new or potential students at open days or at the start of term.  Other roles assist with the day-to-day running of the university; assisting in the libraries, at catering outlets and in administrative roles, many of which will be suitable for students.

  • What sort of roles are available?
  • Where to look for vacancies
  • When to apply
  • Rates of pay
  • Employment contracts
  • After you graduate

What sort of roles are available?

Student Ambassadors

Students are recruited into a pool of staff that work at events on or off-campus, e.g. assisting at open days, new student welcome events, HE fairs and conferences.  Duties involve meeting and greeting prospective students, showing them around the campus or talking about your experiences at the university.  You may also be required to help with logistics – moving boxes, putting up signs, moving furniture, handing out publicity.  Most of this activity will take place in term time but some opportunities exist out of term time; for example working on the orientation programme for new international students

Social Media Ambassadors

A number of students are recruited annually to assist with marketing activity via social media. This involves engaging with prospective or new students and answering questions on a range of issues about being a student at the university

Student Helpers

Student helpers are employed in university libraries and computer poolrooms to assist users in the use of computers as well as helping staff to shelve library stock. Staff are recruited annually in the autumn term.


The Careers Service recruit students with call centre experience (sales or fundraising) to collect data for the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.  The role involves working evenings for up to 10 weeks.

The Development and Alumni office recruit a team of students every academic year to call graduates of their area of study.  Each campaign gives us the opportunity to find out what our graduates are up to now, update them with news about the university and to ask them to consider providing additional opportunities and financial support to students.

Accommodation Assistants/Administrators

Each year the Accommodation Office recruits a number of summer assistants to assist with the processing of new students applications for university accommodation. These staff also assist students in finding accommodation and answering queries.

Recreation Assistants

Sport Brighton employ about 40 students a year to act as recreation assistants in our sports facilities. Our Eastbourne staff must hold a valid NPLQ (lifeguarding) qualification but this is not necessary at other sites. Duties include fitness suite supervision, set-ups and reception.

Academic Support Workers (ASWs)

ASWs support disabled students in an educational setting; e.g. classrooms, placements, clinics, field trips, etc. Tasks include note-taking, photocopying, support in the library and carrying books.


Mentors provide regular, ongoing support for students whose academic progress has been disrupted by disability or mental health difficulties.  They offer generic study skills support (i.e. not specific to a particular subject area) to students in higher education.

Student Union STARRS

Brighton Student Union recruit their own staff to work on SU activities and campaigns.  Roles include work in retail and café outlets, offices and help during elections and freshers’ fairs.

Other roles

Opportunities exist to work as stewards and invigilators at Grand Parade to assist with exhibitions and degree shows, staffing the box office at the Sallis Benney Theatre, life modelling, and also technical or research posts within academic areas.

Where to look for vacancies

  • The Careers Service advertises a range of part-time work, including university-based roles through its Vacancy Service. You can register and sign in to search for jobs.
  • Roles within academic schools are often advertised to students within those schools. Keep an eye on your school areas of studentcentral, ‘like’ any Facebook pages, follow Twitter feeds  that are school-specific, watch out for announcements in lectures and emails as well as posters and plasma screen notices. Also, check with your school office – they may know about opportunities within the school.
  • Sport Brighton offer work at their facilities across all sites. Register your interest by sending your CV and covering letter at
  • Most teaching or research posts are advertised through Human Resources. We recommend that students interested in this type of work speak to staff within their academic school about opportunities.
  • Student Union roles are advertised via the SU Website. It is also worth keeping an eye on Student Union societies’ Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Blue Arrow is a recruitment agency which supplies all temporary staff for the university; includes administrative roles as well as catering assistants. Telephone 01323 430 055 to register and find out what’s available. They visit campus during the autumn term to recruit students. See the Careers Service events listing for times and dates.

When to apply

Use our recruitment calendar below to see when the job you’re interested in will be advertised. This calendar will be expanded as we hear about more job opportunities.


  • Student Helpers (Information Services)
  • Recreation Assistants (Sport Brighton)


  • Alumni Telephone Fundraisers
  • DLHE Telephoners
  • Student Ambassadors (Academic Services)


  • Student Ambassadors (Business School)


  • Student Ambassadors (Academic Services)


  • Student Ambassadors (Student Services)


  • Summer Accommodation Assistants


  • Various posts (Student Union)
  • ASK Ambassadors
  • Online Student Ambassadors (School of Environment and Technology)
  • Student Helpers for examinations (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

Rates of pay

Pay varies across the university and depends on the level of responsibility.  For the most part these roles are paid hourly via the university payroll system and recruits should expect to be paid a month in arrears; for example, if you work some hours in February you would normally be paid at the end of March.

Employment contracts

Before you start work at the university you will need to make available your bank account details, your passport and details of a named referee; this could be a previous tutor or employer. Students may also be asked to provide a reference from their course leader or head of year. This is to confirm that you are a current student attending a course at the university.

We will only ask for this information once you have been recruited into a role. Delays in providing this information could result in delaying your start date or in receiving your pay

Depending on the role you may be required to wear a uniform.

After you graduate

If you are interested in pursuing a career at the university, you will find vacancies advertised on the Human Resources website. Jobs may also be promoted via and

Depending on the type of role, vacancies will also be placed in specialist publications.

In addition, the following also have graduate opportunities on campus