University of Bath Nightline

University of Bath Nightline

University of Bath

University of Bath Nightline

We are a confidential listening, support and practical information service for students at the University of Bath. You can talk to us about anything – big or small – in confidence, remaining fully anonymous. We won’t judge you or tell you what to do. We will simply listen to whatever is on your mind.

All our volunteers are students themselves, who have undergone extensive training and who understand that University life isn’t always plain sailing.

What Can I Contact Nightline About?

We receive all sorts of calls, from students who have nothing on their mind and just want to chat, to students who are highly distressed and need urgent support. Here is a list of example calls we might receive:

  • “I don’t know how to balance everything I have to do.”
  • “Can I just chat to take my mind off work?”
  • “What forms of support does the university offer?”
  • “I don’t want to be here any more.”
  • “Can I talk to you as I walk home alone back from a night out?”
  • “I don’t get on with my house mates and I feel really alone.”
  • “I miss home.”
  • “I think I like guys and girls.”
  • “I think I want to leave university.”
  • “I can’t sleep.”
  • “I’ve run out of money.”
  • “I think I might have depression.”
  • “My friend cuts themselves.”
  • “Do you have a number for the nearest takeaway?”
  • “I think I might be pregnant.”

This is just a short list of the wide range of subjects we are contacted about; we really mean it when we say ‘No issue is too big or too small.’