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University of Bath My Timetable

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University of Bath My Timetable

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MyTimetable allows students and academic staff to customise their programme timetables and download them into an electronic calendar.


MyTimetable can be exported into Microsoft Exchange and cloud-based platforms; Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Education and Google Calendar.

Timetabled activities show as appointments in the user’s main calendar, allowing students and staff to schedule meetings based on their availability.

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Step-by-step Guide


You will eventually be able to access MyTimetable from the Quick Links section of the Timetabling website but for the time being it can be accessed here at:
To Log in, enter your BUCS username and password and click the Login button.


To add a timetable, click the ‘Add timetable’ button.
Next, enter a search term or make a choice from the lists with filter options, and choose the timetables you would like to add.
To personalise a programme timetable deselect all the units not relevant to you.
You can further personalise the view by filtering the activities linked to each unit. Open the drop down menu for the timetable and deselect the activities you have not signed up for/been allocated to.
NOTE: A unit that has been filtered will show in italics in your list.

Click here to download complete guide.pdf