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24 March: Panopto (Re:view)

We have been advised by A.V. that some users are seeing an error when attempting to view video content hosted through Panopto.

A.V. have informed us that the issue is only seen in Internet Explorer and can be fixed by going to the Compatibility View settings and unticking the option “Display intranet sites in Compatibility view”.

If you experience any problems viewing content, you may wish to try the suggested fix, or alternatively, temporarily switch to another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Should you have any questions relating to this, please contact A.V. for support.

22 March: Moodle availability

We have been made aware that our Moodle installation has experienced a couple of short, unexpected periods of downtime this afternoon.

Whilst this is being investigated, and to guard against any further downtime, web services have been temporarily turned off.

Unfortunately, whilst web services remain disabled, neither the Moodle app nor the Re:view (Panopto) block will function.

Nevertheless, users will still be able to gain access to their Panopto content by first logging into Moodle and then accessing the the Panopto service directly via:

We would like to apologise for any disruption that this may cause, and we can confirm that this is currently being investigated as a priority.

UPDATE:  Re:view content is once again available through Moodle pages (nevertheless, the Moodle app remains offline for now – it will be made available again once investigations into the downtime have been completed).

15th December: Re:View (Panopto) downtime scheduled

We have been advised by Audio Visual that Re:View (Panopto) will be taken offline this weekend whilst the service is being upgraded.

According to Audio Visual’s blog post  the downtime is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17 December (between 8pm and 12am).

As might be expected, Re:View hosted content will not be available (either directly or through Moodle) during this time.

Should there be any questions relating to the upgrade, Audio Visual can be contacted via the form at the bottom of their blog post.

24 November: Breaks in service

In the last few minutes we have seen a number of short breaks in Moodle service.

It is unclear at the moment what is causing this, however we are liaising with colleagues to identify and resolve the cause of the instability as a matter of priority.

At the time of writing this post, Moodle is back up and running as normal, however we would like to reassure users that investigations are ongoing and that ensuring the stability of the service is our number one priority.

22 November: Turnitin update

We are pleased to report that the Turnitin issue that Bath has been experiencing is now resolved.

The backlog of files has been fully processed and all outstanding originality reports have been returned as expected.

Whilst every indication suggests that the service is now working as normal, do contact the team if you have any questions or concerns about your Turnitin enabled assignments.