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University of Northampton Mitigating Circumstances

The University define Mitigating Circumstances (MCs) as:

Mitigating circumstances are serious an acute problem or event beyond a student’s control or ability to foresee which has prevented completion of assessment (s) or attendance at examination (s).

This means that mitigating circumstances are factors – normally personal – that have recently arisen and that have had or will have a negative impact on your performance in an assessment. MCs will only be considered as grounds for:

· Deferring assessment(s)

Under no circumstances will mitigation be considered as grounds for adjusting the grade(s) awarded for assessments already completed.

For detailed explanations of the grounds for the mitigating circumstances please contact Wei Zhao (Student Advice Coordinator) on or on 01604 892272;

or alternatively read the section 2 and 3  of the Mitigating Circumstances Policy & Procedure


What do I need to prove?

It is important that students involve an appropriate member of academic staff in all applications for Mitigating Circumstances.  This will normally be the students Personal Tutor, but may also be the Dissertation Supervisor, Module Co-ordinator, Programme Leader, Academic Advice Manager or a member of staff from Student Services (e.g. Mental Health Advisor).

The University Senate has delegated decision making on Mitigating Circumstances applications to a Mitigating Circumstances Panel (MCP), which will ensure consistency of decision making across the University.  The MCP will be chaired by the Senior Academic Advice Manager and comprise at least two, and a maximum of four, Academic Advice Managers.  Each Academic Advice Manager is delegated the authority to uphold simple, fully evidenced, applications and to decline an application where the evidence or support is adjudged to be insufficient.  Complex applications will be referred to a Mitigating Circumstances Panel.


How to make an appeal against the decision on my application?

Should your application be declined for lack of independent evidence or support you will normally be allowed fourteen calendar days to submit additional material.  If fresh evidence is tendered then the process will begin again.

If an application is declined for reasons other than lack of evidence or support then the applicant may request a review of this decision.  Such a request should be addressed to the Senior Academic Advice Manager, and submitted within fourteen calendar days of the decision letter. 

Such requests will be dealt with by a Mitigating Circumstances Appeal Panel.  The decision of the Mitigating Circumstances Appeal Panel marks the end of the University’s internal Mitigating Circumstances Procedure.  All applicants whose appeal is unsuccessful will be issued with a ‘Completion of Procedure’ letter, which details their right to apply for a review to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) for Higher Education.