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GCE (O Level and A Level)

In 1951, the General Certificate of Education (GCE) was introduced. It was split into two stages: Ordinary Level (O Level, taken at 16) and Advanced Level (A Level, taken at 18). These qualifications replaced the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate respectively.

The existing exam boards offered the GCE, alongside the Northern Ireland Schools Examination Council .

These boards were soon joined by the Associated Examining Board (AEB), which was founded by City & Guilds in 1953.

The Southern Universities’ Joint Board for School Examinations was founded in 1954 as a successor to the University of Bristol School Examinations Council.

The Durham University Examinations Board ceased to exist in 1964.

The University of London University Entrance and School Examinations Council and School Examinations Department was renamed the University of London School Examinations Board in 1984.

Student Transcripts and Academic Records

The Student Transcripts and Academic Records Office can advise on how to obtain a copy of your University of London academic record. Before making contact, please read the following advice.

Records for some awards are held centrally, whereas others are held at the College you attended. If you received a transcript in the past directly from your College, you can only receive further copies from your college. Many of the Colleges will provide you with confirmation of your award if this is all you require.

Please email the Transcripts Office stating what you require and include the following information:

  • Full name (at time of graduation)
  • College attended or indicate if you were studying under the University of London International Programmes (distance learning)
  • Date of award
  • Title and subject of qualification
  • Qualification level and classification

After checking this information the Transcripts Office will either send you some forms to complete OR they will advise you who to contact within the College you attended. Forms can be sent to you by email, fax or post but they must be returned by post.

A fee is generally payable before transcripts or certifications can be prepared (although colleges will have their own procedures and fee structures).

Further information is given in the forms and notes the Transcripts Office will send you or, where applicable, will be provided by the College you attended.

GCSE and ‘O’/ ‘A’ levels results: Please note that enquiries regarding GCSE and ‘O’/ ‘A’ levels results should be directed to Edexcel which replaced the University of London Examination Board in 1996.

Requests for confirmation of awards for students registered with a College/Institution made to the University of London from third parties (such as employers, verification agencies etc) should be directed to the College/Institution attended if the award date is after 1990. Confirmations for awards between 1936 and 1990 should be referred to the Transcripts Office but they would need full information on the award including the College attended and authorisation from the student (or a copy of the certificate) in order to undertake a search. Further details may be obtained from the Transcripts Office.


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