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Lifelong learning

We recognise that not all of you hoping to pursue a degree or further educational qualifications are able to study full-time.

That’s why we’re always seeking to develop the ways in which we deliver courses to cater for the needs of growing numbers of new kinds of learners.

University of London for Distance Learning in Classical Studies

Part-time courses

You may be considering studying on a part-time basis, to either enhance your career prospects and employability or simply learn about a new academic subject.

Alternatively, you may not be able to attend regular lectures and prefer the flexibility of one of our distance learning courses.

Part-time courses at Royal Holloway follow exactly the same curriculum as the full-time programmes and students graduate with the same title of degree. Students also have access to the same study resources and support as full-time students.


A wide range of part-time courses are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level, ranging from the BA in Classical Studies to the MSc in Information Security.

With a range of delivery methods, you can balance your study with other responsibilities, such as work or family commitments.

Studying part-time

The way in which part-time courses are delivered can vary depending on the course you choose. Typically, lectures will be delivered over one or two days a week, or in the evenings, allowing you to continue with existing commitments.

Occasionally, courses are delivered through block mode delivery – this is where students attend lectures on campus for intense periods throughout the year, typically one week in length.

Part-time students studying a postgraduate taught course by block mode can then complete the taught components of the programme by attending six separate weeks over a two-year period.


Applications for all part-time courses are made directly to Royal Holloway.

If you would like to apply for a part-time course, please contact the Admissions Office directly to request an application form.