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University of Hull Year Abroad

University of Hull Year Abroad

The Year Abroad

The Year Abroad will probably be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences you will ever have. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your spoken language, giving you greater confidence and more mature insights into the life of your chosen country.

The ‘year’, is an ‘academic year’, which means at least eight months spent abroad. For each foreign language in your degree programme, you will spend some time in a country where the language is spoken. The period of time can vary from the whole academic year, to just 3 or 4 weeks (see below).

The sections below should answer any general queries you may have about the Year Abroad at Hull. For specific information regarding the individual languages (e.g. which universities you can go to), please use the links on the right.

What will I be doing?

There are three principal options:

  • Studying at an exchange partner university.

These are mainly based in Europe, but we also have links with a University in Mexico. See the information under the individual languages for more information.

  • Working in a school as an English-language assistant.
  • Working in industry or commerce.

The school has a small number of such placements to offer, but you can also arrange your own, with our help.

How much time will I spend where?

Here are the basic ways of dividing the year:

1) Students of one foreign language spend the year in one country.

2) Those taking two or three languages must decide between these options:

a) go to one country for the year and spend short periods of at least three weeks in the other country or countries, normally in one or two Summer vacations.

b) divide the year between two countries, with one semester in each, and, for a third language, spend a period of at least three weeks in a third country in a Summer vacation.