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University of Hull Staff Development

University of Hull Staff Development

Staff Development Team

We aim to be a quality service that:

  • provides education, learning, training, development and coaching opportunities that are available to all staff
  • advises on training activities that add value to the individual, team, department, faculty and organisation
  • links individual and team learning, training and development to the organisation’s goals

We will provide a friendly and accessible service that:

  • organises valued, quality courses relevant to individuals’ work roles
  • consults representatives of all areas to identify appropriate activities
  • advises on staff development activities and makes available training materials and resources
  • ensures that the opportunities provided can be accessed by everyone and that specific needs are catered for appropriately
  • reviews our programme of activity to ensure it meets the current context
  • raises awareness of, and promotes, diversity issues

The Staff Development Team is located at 59 Salmon Grove and members can be contacted as follows:

Martha Kember
Head Of Staff Development

Tel: 5028

Sarah Simpson
Staff Development Advisor


Tel: 6596


Lindsey Atkinson
Staff Development Advisor (Research)

Tel: 6186

Caroline Hodgson
Staff Development Advisor (Management Development)

Tel:  2088

Sally Greaves
Staff Development Administrator

Tel: 6533

Judith Challis
Senior Administrative Assistant

Tel: 6587

Beverley Woyen
Administrative Assistant


Tel: 6565

General email address:

Consultancy Services

Staff development professionals are available to act as consultants on programmes of change at all levels of the organisation.

This might range from simple process changes to restructuring programmes where the team can offer advice, guidance and facilitation that enable individuals, managers and whole areas to successfully implement change.