University of Hull Scarborough Campus

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University of Hull Scarborough Campus

University of Hull Scarborough Campus

University College Scarborough

University of Hull, Scarborough Campus in 2013, now University College Scarborough

University of Hull: Scarborough Campus was a satellite campus of the university located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, attended by approximately 2,000 students. Formerly a higher education institution offering BSc and BA degrees, the building was acquired by the University of Hull in 2000, offering Education courses, particularly at a primary level, as well as courses in Marine Biology, Digital Media, Music Technology Theatre Studies, Tourism Management, and a number of Business and English courses.

Scarborough ran somewhat independently of the main campus in Hull, with its own branch of the Hull University Union. Graduation ceremonies took place within Scarborough’s historic Spa Complex. The campus also contained basic amenities for study, such as computer labs,performance studios for students of Theatre and Dance related courses as well as dedicated music suites in the “Filey Road Studios” building opposite the campus.

In April 2014, the University released a statement that Scarborough Campus was “not sustainable in the medium to long term”, and in June held a public consultation outlining the future of the campus with a new academic model in mind. In March 2015, it was revealed that the Hull College Group were the University’s “preferred partners for taking forward the Scarborough Campus”. The college returned to its former name, “University College Scarborough” and became part of the Hull College group, but still hosts programmes from both Hull College and the University of Hull.


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