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University of Hull Room Bookings

University of Hull Room Bookings

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University staff can BOOK A ROOM here

Make sense of your timetable by downloading our handy users’ guidance information If you are a student and wish to book a non-library room for quiet study then visit STUDENT STUDY SPACE.*

Timetables are subject to change. Please check back regularly.

 Get your timetable via the iHull app – DOWNLOAD the app here.
Your timetable explained. Want to check if a room is free? Click here for location timetables. 
Not sure what a room looks like? Some rooms are available to view online here.

*To book a Study Room in the Brynmor Jones Library please click here

Scarborough Campus

To check your timetable or book a room on the Scarborough campus, please use the Pocket Campus

PC  Finder

Looking for a pc on campus? Try the PC Finder here

General enquiries

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