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A pen resting on an open bookThe value and integrity of our work and the work of our partners depends upon having a rigorous quality framework in place. The University of Hull validates the programmes with most partner colleges. As the pace of change continues to increase, ensuring that procedures are underpinned by quality assurance and that quality enhancement processes are adapted to accommodate new developments are important tasks within the overall mix and the remit of the University Quality Office, LEAP.

The University of Hull’s Quality Office, LEAP, is able to access a wealth of information and expertise, including the University’s Codes of Practice and Quality Framework. Quality Assurance arrangements are presented in the University of Hull Quality Handbook and support collaborative provision arrangements with partner institutions.

Liaison with other Networks and Higher Education Institutions also provides valuable knowledge on the procedures and practices followed by other universities that validate and approve partner programmes, helping to ensure that developments can be introduced smoothly and cohesively across the network.

Quality & Standards at the University

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The aim of the quality & standards website is to bring together those regulations and codes of practice which together comprise the University’s Quality and Standards Framework. Whilst the regulations and codes of practice represent the formal expression of the University’s expectations this website also publishes a range of additional information designed to make the Framework more accessible to all types of staff, including information tailored for specific role players (e.g. heads of departments, programme developers, chairs of unfair means panels).

Key features of our communications approach are:

  • Approach to Quality, Standards and Enhancement
  • Quality and Standards Updates
  • Approach to Quality Standards and Enhancement
  • Education Strategy
  • Implementation Guides – with the creation of each new University Code of Practice, the Quality Office (LEAP) produces an implementation guide showing how the requirements of the code should be managed by deans, heads of departments, and relevant staff. When available, these are linked from  the Code of Practice.
  • Explanatory Notes (increasingly included in regulations and codes of practice to explain the thinking behind a provision, or indicate the reason for a change)
  • Glossary
  • LEAP’s Repository of Good Practice is intended to facilitate the dissemination of good practice in the areas of learning and teaching; quality assurance and enhancement and technology enhanced learning.

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