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Dr Qin Xiao

Qin Xiao

Accounting and Finance

Dr Qin Xiao joined Hull University Business School as a Senior Lecturer in Finance in February 2012, after serving as Lecturer in Property in University of Aberdeen for four and half years. She entered academia in February 2001, upon graduation with an MSc in Finance and Economics from London School of Economics and Political Science and worked briefly as a research analyst in the private sector. She completed a PhD in Economics in Nanyang Technological University whilst working full-time as Lecture in Economics there. Her research interests include speculative bubbles in real estate market, the interplay of the real estate and the stock market, the impact of real estate market crash on macro economies, and debt and financial crises. On the technicality front, Qin is interested in mathematical modelling as well as computational econometrics. She has so far published in Urban Studies, Quantitative Finance, Empirical Economics, Applied Economics, and Physica A.



Ph D, Nanyang Technological University, 2007.

MSc, London School of Economics, 1999.

BA (Hons), University of Nottingham, 1998.




Current Issues in Financial Management

Real Estate Investment

Foundations of Finance



Key Publications

  • Qin Xiao, Steven Devaney, Are Mortgage Lenders Guilty of the Housing Bubble? A UK perspective, Applied Economics (Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2016.1156231)
  • Xiao, Q. (2013). Economists’s Social Responsibility. (vol. 2, pp. 1). Journal of Accounting & Marketing.
  • Qin Xiao, W Huang (2010), “Risk and Predictability of Singapore’s Private Residential Market,” Quantitative Finance, Volume 10 No. 5 p. 529-543
  • Qin Xiao, (2010), “Crashes in Real Estate Prices: Causes and Predictability,” Urban Studies, Volume 47 No. 8, 1725-1744
  • Qin Xiao, Donghyun Park (2010), “Seoul Housing Prices and the Role of Speculation,” Empirical Economics, Volume 38, No. 3, 619-644 (This paper is also published by Asian Development Bank in its Economics Working Paper Series, No. 146.)
  • Qin Xiao, Yunhua Liu, (2010), “The Residential Market of Hong Kong: Rational or Irrational?” Applied Economics, Volume 42, No. 7, p. 923-933
  • Qin Xiao, G. K. Randolph Tan, 2007, “Signal Extraction with Kalman Filter: A study of the Hong Kong property price bubbles,” Urban Studies (UK) Volume 44, No.4, p.865-888 (Journal Citation Reports® 2007, Impact Factor 1.274).
  • Qin Xiao, 2007, “What Drives Hong Kong’s Residential Property Market ¾ a Markov switching present value model,” Physica A, Volume 383, issue 1, p. 108-114. (Journal Citation Reports® 2007, Impact Factor 1.430).
  • Qin Xiao, 2006, “A test for speculative bubbles in property markets,” International Journal of Business Research Volume V, No. 2. p.32-43
  • Qin Xiao, 2006, “Market crashes and speculative bubbles,” International Journal of Business Research Volume VI, no. 3. p.44-54

Contact Details

Dr Qin Xiao

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Phone: +44 (0) 1482 463 172