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MHSC OutreachThe MHSC’s outreach effort is designed to provide local communities in Hull with the opportunity to learn about, identify with and celebrate their city’s distinctive and significant maritime heritage. In so doing, our outreach work not only facilitates the engagement of Hull people with the educational resources of their local University, but also renders a heritage site – Blaydes House, the eighteenth-century merchant’s residence where the MHSC is based – accessible to a wide audience. We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the University of Hull Maritime History Trust for funding the post of Education and Outreach Officer. This position is held by Dr Robb Robinson, whose principal responsibilities are to cultivate volunteer groups, devise and deliver learning programmes, liaise with schools and organise public lectures and exhibitions.

For more information on the MHSC’s outreach activities, contact Dr Robb Robinson.

Science outreach at Driffield School

The University of Hull is committed to providing opportunities for your students to engage with science. We organise a wide range of events aimed to help the educational development of your students.Whether it’s raising aspirations for Higher Education and STEM subjects, talking about careers or just discovering something they’ve never seen before, the University of Hull wants to hear what we can do for you.

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What we have to offer

The University of Hull offer a range of different science outreach opportunities for schools and colleges to engage with. Here are some examples of what types of visit days we offer.

Primary and Secondary Schools

  1. Workshop Activities

    • These sessions are designed to showcase science topics in a way that both challenges and builds upon their skills and knowledge. This includes problem solving challenges, science taster sessions and higher education talks.

      Whether you want to put what your students have learnt to the test or for them to discover something brand new, workshops are a brilliant way of raising aspirations.

      Time: 60minutes (flexible)
      Location: On/Off Campus (Depending)
      Key Stage: 2-4

  2. Demonstration Activities

    • These are a short and simple way to challenge your students and show off the wow factor behind STEM subjects.

      They are designed to explain a key scientific concept in an interactive way and work perfection at school exhibits, conventions such as Big Bang as well as science festivals.

  3. Aspiration Visits

    • These visits are aimed to raise aspirations and support students in making an informed decision about further education.

      Typically targeted at year 11 students, the visit includes presentation of Higher Education, a practical taster session and a STEM subject and a chance to talk to current University students. The goal is to give the students an insight into University.

  4. Science Shows

    • Finally, we take to the stage and roll out the red carpet for our science shows and luckily you are all on our VIP list.

      Science shows are a great way of explaining a range of different science topics by using a series of exciting and entertaining demonstrations with plenty of audience participation.

Further Education Institutes

  1. Enrichment Visits

    • These are visits to the University of Hull campus to give your sixth form student’s guidance on studying science at University. The goal is to give an accurate look into what it’s like to be a student at University.

      The event is subject specific (i.e. Psychology Enrichment Visit) and include presentations of higher education, a practical taster session and the chance to talk to current University students studying that subject.

  2. Talks and Presentations

    • Thinking and preparing for higher education can be a difficult time for most students as there is a lot to think about and consider before making your final decisions.

      Both the University and the Faculty of Science and Engineering are well equipped to help take some of the pressures away.

      Our presentations and talks cover many areas such as student life and top tips to help prepare you for University.

  3. Access to Equipment

    • This is a fairly new service that we are now able to offer to sixth form schools which allows free access to University equipment either on University campus or in your classrooms with the intention to broaden the skills you can teach your students in preparation for University.

      Want to teach your ICT students about 3D design? Maybe access to a 3D printer would help.

      Trying to explain what spectroscopy is to your aspiring chemists? Would it easier with a RSC UV/Visual Spectrometer?