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Email settings

  1. Open the Mail application and select new account from the menu. Select Exchange ActiveSync.
  2. Enter your email address and password
  3. Select next or manual set up and enter these settings:
    Domain\Username: Your user ID followed by
    Password: Your normal university password
  4. Check that only ‘Use secure connection (SSL)’ is ticked and select next.
  5. Tick the services that you’d like to synchronise with your phone (email/calendar/contacts) and press next.
  6. Type a name for the email account (eg. Hull University Email) and tap Finish.

Security Features

You will receive a message asking you to install updates and accept the remote wipe feature and a variety of security controls, which is a standard feature of Microsoft Exchange 2010. This allows you to protect the data stored on your mobile phone or tablet in the event that it is lost or stolen.

By granting the server access to your device, you are able to activate the remote wipe feature in case of an emergency. This allows you to reset the phone to factory settings and prevent unauthorised access to your contacts, calendar, emails, notes, photos and any other personal information stored on the device.

This functionality is entirely in your control and allows you to prevent your personal data from being accessed without your consent by removing it from the device. You can secure a lost phone at any time by logging into Outlook Web App and selecting Phone from the Options menu or visiting

Phones purchased by the University for work use must have this feature enabled.

If you are accessing University information, including email, on your device then you must ensure it is protected by a passcode, pin code or other security method. The device must also automatically lock if left unattended. These steps are equally important to protect your own personal information.