University of Hull Grading System

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University of Hull Grading System

University of Hull Grading System

The University of Hull have two categories of modules:

Short Fat‘ modules are taught and assessed fully in one semester. Any student can take modules if it is available to them.

Long Thin‘ modules are taught and assessed over a full academic year. It is important that you note these modules cannot be taken by students studying for one semester. If you register on one of these modules and are only here for one semester, you will receive a failed mark on your transcript, you will not receive credits and there is very little we can do to assist.



The University pass mark is 40. Credits are only awarded for a module with a mark of at least 40.

University of Hull marking and grading system
Hull Mark Classification Grade
70-100 1st (First) A
60-69 2:1 (Two One) B
50-59 2:2 (Two Two) C
45-49 3rd (Third) D
40-45 Pass E
0-39 Fail F

Modules at The University of Hull are 20 UK credits (10 ECTS and between 3 – 5 US credits). Each 20 credit module equates to one-sixth of a UK student’s work load. A full programme of study for students is 60 UK credits per semester. Students are not permitted to study over and above 60 UK credits per semester.

As a general rule, 1 credit is worth approximately 10 hours of student workload. Students are expected to undertake autonomous study (self study) and this is essential to your success at Hull.  There are some special modules which are 10 credits for one semester.

10/12 hours of student effort = 1 UK credit
60 UK credits = 1 Semester
120 UK credits = 1 Academic year (30 weeks in length)
600 / 700 notional learning hours = 1 Semester
1200/1400 notional learning hours = 1 Academic year (30 weeks in length)

Some of you may not have any modules, others insufficient modules or you may just want to change what you have. This can be done in the first week after your arrival. Please remember that we do not guarantee any modules.

How your modules are pre-approved

In order to pre-register for modules you need to make sure that you have returned your Learning Agreement with modules selected in accordance to the guidance. Your Learning Agreement will be sent to the owning department for consideration and approval or comment.

To ensure that the academic members of staff can assess your suitability for the modules you have chosen before you get here, you need to send us your academic transcripts. Your academic transcript is an official list of modules/courses you have studied at your home University.

Erasmus students, you will only be approved for those modules within the department outlined on the Bilateral Agreement (for example subject code 9.1 is an agreement with modern languages, therefore only these modules will be pre-approved).

Please note that Law School modules will only be assigned to students that are arriving from Universities that partner directly with The Law School at Hull. The Psychology department at the University of Hull does not accept any Exchange student.

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