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About the Centre for Gender Studies

The Centre for Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary forum for gender research within the University of Hull, comprising researchers from a range of disciplines and schools from across the university.

The Centre runs a regular seminar series, as well as conferences and workshops and acts as a research network/focus for both staff and postgraduate students engaged in a wide variety of gender research.

The Centre for Gender Studies has links with a range of overseas universities through a variety of different programmes fostering collaboration in research and teaching.

History of the Centre

The Centre was established in 1986, the first Centre for Gender Studies in the UK, and was initially a cross-community initiative linking together gender researchers from the University of Hull, the University of Humberside and interested parties from the City of Hull. The Centre for Gender Studies is now located solely within the University of Hull but retains strong community links.

Journal of Gender Studies

The Centre for Gender Studies launched the Journal of Gender Studies in 1991 (now published by Routledge) and was pivotal in the development of undergraduate and postgraduate Gender Studies programmes at the University of Hull.


Centre for Gender Studies

Internal Links

Local Links

International Links

Internal Links

Centre for Research into Embodied Subjectivity (CRES), Humanities

Undergraduate Programme:

Sociology and Anthropology with Gender Studies

Postgraduate Programmes:

GEMMA – MA Women’s and Gender Studies

MA Gender and Development

MSc Applied Social Research (Gender Studies) (ESRC Recognised Research Training)

Local Links

Hull Women’s Centre

International Links

Florida International University – Women’s Studies Center

Rutgers University – Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

GEMMA Partner Universities

University of Granada – Instituto Universitario de Estudios de la Mujer (University Institute for Women’s Studies)

University of Utrecht – Gender Studies Centre

University of Bologna – Gender Studies

University of Wodz – Women’s Studies Centre

Central European University – Department of Gender Studies