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University of Hull Final Year Results

University of Hull Final Year Results




Semester 1 results will be available via MyAdmin, and from your academic School.

After the semester 2 and semester 3 assessments, results will be available via MyAdmin. Finalists will receive a full official transcript of all of their results for their whole programme, together with their final classification (for honours degrees). Please look after this transcript, as a charge is made for a replacement. Also sent is a European Diploma Supplement, which can be used to help explain your results in other European countries.

Non-finalists will not automatically be notified by post but can request a listing of all their module results for the year, along with their progression result for the year if required.

When you have received your results, if you have any query at all, you should contact your academic School (preferably your Academic Support Tutor) as soon as possible for help and advice. The list of Exam Result Descriptions may also help.

Dates for Release of Results

For academic year 16/17, results will be released on the following dates:

Semester 1 – Monday 20th February 2017

Semester 2 – FINALISTS – Thursday 29th June 2017, NON-FINALISTS – Friday 30th June 2017

Semester 3/Resits – Friday 8th September 2017

Please note that that the Faculty of Health and Social Care, the School of Education and Social Sciences, HYMS and Social Work all have courses that run to a non-standard academic timetable and therefore may have exams at different times. If you are studying in any of these areas then you should check with your School.


At the end of your course, all transcripts will be posted to your home address as recorded on the University records system. If you wish to have your transcript sent to a different address, you should ensure that you inform your home School of this correspondence address, or preferably change it yourself via MyAdmin well in advance.


Please note that the name that is recorded on the University records system is the one that appears on your transcript, and degree certificate. Please check this on MyAdmin, to ensure that the name on your certificate is correct – changes cannot be made once the exam board has met and your results have been processed.

Other Information

Due to the restrictions of the Data Protection Act, we need to be sure that we are only releasing your personal information to you. For this reason, your results cannot be told to you over the phone, via email, or posted on notice boards.

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