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BSc Health Professional Studies

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This degree has been designed to enable people who work in the health and social care sector to develop their knowledge and skills. Students can select from a range of modules, enabling them to plan a course of study that is relevant to their individual needs.

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Aims and objectives

The health and social care environment is constantly changing and evolving. This means that practitioners must continually adapt and develop their skills to meet the complex and dynamic needs of service users. The aim of the programme is to facilitate the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of complex bodies of theory enabling the practitioner to undertake their role with autonomy and accountability.

The programme also aims to enable the practitioner to critically apply evidence to their practice, to examine the impact of both political and social context in relation to the provision of healthcare, and to fulfil their potential through fostering commitment to lifelong learning.

Core modules for the BSc Health Professional Studies are Research and Evidence Applied to Practice (20 credits) and Social and Health Policy (20 credits). A further 80 credits (most modules are worth 20 credits each, a few are worth 40 credits) can then be selected from the portfolio of modules offered by the Faculty.

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Entry requirements

To access a Degree Programme within the Faculty applicants must have a Diploma or the equivalent number of CATS points at levels 4 (120) and 5 (120). A total of 120 credits must then be studied at Degree level. If you do not have the required amount of credit or you are unsure about the amount of credit you do have then you should contact the Programme Director Dr Janet Kelly at for advice.