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Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate Study


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The BA in English was a fantastic experience. The course was structured in such a way that you could pursue your own interests… or stick to the programme as it was delivered. Either way you got great support from the staff …more


BA English

Studying BA English at Hull provides you with a detailed understanding of literature in English and a sophisticated awareness of the critical debates in the discipline.
Typical Length:
3 yearsUCAS code:

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BA English & American Literature & Culture

Studying BA English and American Literature and Culture at Hull provides students with a fully integrated, single honours course experience that encourages cross-referencing between two literary and cultural traditions
Typical Length:
3  YearsUCAS code:

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MA in English

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How to Apply

Applying for MA English


  • English – Literary Studies
  • Creative Writing

The subject group English at Hull has been offering a new MA programme from 2015/16. The MA Programme offers an exciting range of strands in Literary Studies and Creative Writing, with the added flexibility of being able to choose modules from either or both strands. You will be taught by renowned specialists in each field in dedicated option modules that contain intensive research training specific to the subject of your choice. You will also meet together as a whole group of MA students (Taught MA and MA by Research) for the one core module in Research, Creativity & Engagement which provides a range of research skills training and is assessed through a postgraduate conference day in which you will participate as part of your programme. Your literary dissertation or creative writing portfolio will be supervised on a one-to-one basis by an academic / creative writing staff member, whose research expertise fits best with your subject interests.

The subject group English is delighted to be able to offer SIX bursaries of £1000 each towards fees for applicants applying to start the MA English programme at Hull in September 2016. These bursaries will be awarded for outstanding performance at BA level or equivalent, and ALL applicants are eligible for consideration. Any University of Hull student applying is eligible for consideration for an MA Departmental Bursary in addition to any University of Hull Loyalty Studentship.

Download application form.

Why Hull?

Because you are already interested in taking an MA in English at Hull University, we know you are already aware of the benefits and advantages for your future career. However, here is a list of positives for studying with us as we see it:

  • Literature and writing transforms people’s lives. The English postgraduate at Hull will acquire new perspectives and broader horizons through reading, writing and thinking
  • Literature is on the pace and in the moment – it’s influential and responsive. Literature affects the way we think about culture, politics and society  as well as responding to social concerns and events past and present
  • Literature is a dynamic force of change: it shapes events and creates art. It is central to Hull’s status as City of Culture in 2017 and will provide students with exciting opportunities to contribute
  • Knowledge of literature, writing and literary forms enhances communication and analytical skills, making our postgrad students articulate and widely employable.


  • English – Medieval & Early Modern Studies
  • English – 19th Century Literature and Culture
  • English – Modern and Contemporary Literature

Credit Weightings
The taught MA comprises of 180 credits 120 of which are taught (in four 30-credit modules) and 60 credits of which are a dissertation / portfolio (25,000 -30,000 words).
The MA by Research comprises 180 credits, 60 of which are taught and 120 of which are your dissertation / portfolio.

Structure and Assessment
MA Taught (full-time over 1 year or part-time over 2 years)
You will take 3 option modules (90 credits) and the Core Module (30 credits) plus your dissertation (60 credits)

MA Research (full-time over 1 year or part-time over 2 years)
You will take the Core Module (30 credits) and one Option Module (30 credits) plus your dissertation (120 credits).

Option modules are assessed by 4500 word essay or equivalent. The Core Module is usually assessed by a short project and by your conference participation. Each module will usually involve three hours contact time per week.

Entry Qualifications
You need a 2.2 BA (Hons) or above, or, equivalent professional qualifications. All applicants must submit a satisfactory 2000-word sample of their own written work, consisting of either literary criticism or creative writing. We encourage students who wish to return to study by taking a certificate or diploma in the first instance. Please ask us for further information if you are interested in this possibility.

Overseas students are very welcome to study in the  subject group. It will be necessary for students whose first language is not English to demonstrate proficiency in the English language at a score of at least 6.0 (minimum of 5.5 in each skill) on the IELTS or equivalent. They are also required to provide the results transcript of their BA degrees.

Modes of Study
You may study full time (MA in 1 year) or part time (MA in 2 years) or you may take units towards your MA (Certificate 60 credits in total; Diploma 120 credits in total).  International students may only study full time.

Options in addition to studying in the English  subject group
You have the option to study 30 credit modules organised by other schools in the University with agreement from the chosen subject and in consultation with your supervisor or programme convenor in the English subject group. You have the possibility of being part of the Advanced Training Programme in Heritage studies which is currently funded by the AHRC as part of a consortium of universities (on a competitive basis).

City of Culture 2017!

The City of Hull is the UK City of Culture in 2017, so there are many excellent opportunities for our postgraduates in connection with this. The English  subject group is taking a lead role in developing the programme for the City of Culture Literature strand and we fully anticipate inviting you to be involved with this as a postgraduate in the  subject group. Don’t miss out, sign up for an MA with us and enjoy this exciting moment in the history of Hull’s City and University.

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