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New University Virtual Learning Environment

Coming to a screen near you: Canvas, our new virtual learning platform, will help staff and students collaborate in better, more inspiring formats

A Canvas of inspiration

We are replacing eBridge with Canvas, a sector-leading virtual learning platform, for an excellent and inspiring student experience. Canvas will be part of our virtual campus being developed by the Technology Enhanced Learning in Practice (TELiP) project.

Why Canvas? Canvas is a state-of-the-art virtual learning environment. It has interactive learning and teaching functionality for staff and students. It forms part of the planned virtual campus, allowing staff and students to connect and learn anytime, anywhere.

What does it mean for students? Students can watch or listen to their latest lectures, team up in a project, and download or upload content on PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Course updates can be received by text, email or Facebook.

What does it mean for staff? Canvas helps you to customise your teaching and learner support:

  • post a video or voice response from any connected device to give feedback
  • hold live video or audio conferences and lectures complete with an online ‘whiteboard’
  • mark students’ work online
  • use data analytics to evaluate the impact of your teaching

Professor Alan Speight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education, said: “I would not be overstating it to say that this is a very significant development for the University of Hull, placing us at the forefront of technology enhanced learning and giving our students the best possible learning and teaching experience.”

What happens next? The team developing the University’s virtual campus will work with you to make Canvas operational by December 2015 and implemented by July 2016. If you are revising or developing course materials, email the TEL team to help you put them on Canvas.


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