University of Hull 3g Pitch

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University of Hull 3g Pitch

University of Hull 3g Pitch

Third generation sports pitch

Scarborough Conference Centre has a refreshing offer when it comes to the facilities we can provide. As well as classrooms and other spaces we can also offer you outdoor areas including the 3G pitch which is ideal for football and other team games. The first pitch of its type in Scarborough, the playing surface offers better bounce and ball control and it is much softer to land on!

3g pitch with campus in background

The pitch can be included in your conference package and is an ideal way to offer your delegates some exercise or simply some fresh air. After a game, you can enjoy a well deserved beverage and bar snack, or take advantage of one of the special offers in Calvino’s.

Download the 3G price list here.

Facility Hire

Indoor Facility Hire

Sports Hall (per hour)              

Full (university affiliated) – £21.00*

Half (university affiliated) – £15.00*

Full (non-university) – £42.00

Half (non-university) – £24.00

Juniors Full (non-university) – £21.00**

Juniors Half (non-university) – £15.00**


Studio (per hour)

Full (university affiliated) – £17.00*

Half (university affiliated) – £12.50*

Full (non-university) – £30.00

Half (non-university) – £16.00

Juniors Full (non-university) – £17.00**

Juniors Half (non-university) – £12.50**


Seminar Room (per hour) – £12.50

You will need to complete a booking form, and provide details on how you plan to use the space. For more information email:


Indoor Cricket (per hour)

Single Net – £20.00

Double Net – £38.00

Triple Net – £44.00


For Racket Sports, Classes and use of the Gym, please refer to the Memberships page.


Outdoor Facility Hire

3G (All Weather Artificial Surface)

Full (university affiliated) – £43.00 (per hour)*

Half (university affiliated) – £33.00 (per hour)*

Half off peak (university) – £20.00 (per hour)*