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Unidesktop is a service that enables you to use a range of University software on your own desktop, laptop or tablet device either while you are away from the University, or using the wireless network on campus.

The majority of software is provided using a ‘virtual desktop environment’ that mirrors (as much as our software licensing allows) what you would normally have access to in the Library and School computer labs.

A small range of commonly used software is also available as individual applications.

More information:

Information related to accessing UniDesktop and its services. Including user guides for Windows, Mac and Smart devices.

What Software is Available on UniDesktop? – A comprehensive list of software available on all machines and lists for individual software for different schools and departments.

UniDesktop can be found at

How to access UniDesktop

‌‌To use UniDesktop you need to install a ‘connector’ onto your device by following the instructions from the appropriate guide below:

Using UniDesktop on a Windows PC – A comprehensive guide for Windows users.

UniDesktop for Mac v4 – A comprehensive guide for Mac users.

UniDesktop-Student-iPad-iPhone  – A guide to setting up Unidesktop for iPad and iPhone student users.

Unidesktop setup for Android  – A guide to setting up UniDesktop for Android users.

Software’s available on UniDesktop?

UniDesktop is on two parts.

There are icons that you can click on directly:

Your K: drive MS Office Excel 2013
Staff only –  Outlook 2013 MS Office PowerPoint 2013
MS Office Word 2013 NVivo 10

By clicking on the desktop icon, you can access a Windows 7 SP1 operating system plus software including the following:

7 Zip Endnote Open Office
Accelrys Draw Google Chrome PCounter Wbalance
Adobe Digital Editions Inspirations Photofiltre
Adobe Reader Internet Explorer QuickTime Player
Audacity Mendeley Read Write
CamStudio Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) Real Player
CD Burner Mind Genius SPSS
Celtex Minitab VLC Media Player
CutePDF Maker Mozilla Firefox Windows Live Essentials
Ebrary Multi Resource Client NVivo

Browser Plugins and environment

Adobe Flash player (IE and Firefox) Adobe Shockwave Player
Microsoft Silverlight Java 6 Webstart Environment
Java 6 Runtime Environment Java 6 Runtime Environment x64

In addition, the following School/staff specific software is also provided:

Applied Sciences

Argus Lab CCP1GUI
DnaSP FigTree
Microdiet MtPhyl
Network Genetics Pymol
Rasmol ViewLite
VMD WinCoot

Art, Design and Architecture

(selected times only by selecting the ADA lab computers icon) 

Adobe CC packages Autodesk packages
Archicad Artlantis
Assyst Optitex
Scotweave Sketchup


Forecast Pro MIT APP Inventor
Paragon Sage 50
Vivien Designer


Blue J 3.0.7 Borland Together 2008 R2 SP1
Calmat Crimson Editor
Direct X SDK June 2010 NetBeans 7.1.2
Notepad++ Oracle 10g
PuTTy Xming
XNA Graphics Studio 4


Freemind Gamemaker
Hot Potatoes Photo Story 3
Quizdom Actionpoint

Music and Humanities

Adobe Audition CS6 Antconc English App
Auralia 4 Burli
MLCT English App Musition 4
Praat English App Sanako Student 1200
Sonic Visualis


Administrative systems for which you have permissions MS Office Access 2003
MS Office Excel 2003