University of Huddersfield Salary Scales

By | 16th June 2017

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University of Huddersfield Salary Scales

The 2016/17 annual pay award has been agreed for increase of 1% from 1 August 2016. The current salary scales‌ can also be downloaded as a PDF, along with the previous salary scales‌ used from August 2015-31 July 2016.
Grade Point Salary from Hourly
    August 2016 Rate
Grade 1 PT01  n/a n/a
PT02 £15,052 £7.8233
Grade 2 PT03 £16,302 £8.4730
PT04 £16,302 £8.4730
PT05 £16,302 £8.4730
PT06 £16,302 £8.4730
Grade 3 PT07 £16,618 £8.6372
PT08 £16,961 £8.8155
PT09 £17,450 £9.0696
PT10 £17,970 £9.3399
PT11 £18,504 £9.6175
Grade 4 PT12 £19,055 £9.9038
PT13 £19,620 £10.1975
PT14 £20,206 £10.5021
PT15 £20,807 £10.8144
PT16 £21,428 £11.1372
Grade 5 PT17 £22,044 £11.4574
PT18 £22,698 £11.7973
PT19 £23,376 £12.1497
PT20 £24,096 £12.5239
PT21 £24,790 £12.8846
PT22 £25,531 £13.2698
Grade 6 PT23 £26,290 £13.6642
PT24 £27,073 £14.0712
PT25 £27,884 £14.4927
PT26 £28,714 £14.9241
PT27 £29,572 £15.3701
PT28 £30,452 £15.8274
PT29 £31,362 £16.3004
PT30 £32,299 £16.7874
Grade 7 PT31 £33,264 £17.2890
PT32 £34,256 £17.8046
PT33 £35,277 £18.3352
PT34 £36,333 £18.8841
PT35 £37,416 £19.4470
Grade 8 PT36 £38,535 £20.0286
PT37 £39,688 £20.6279
PT38 £40,897 £21.2562
PT39 £42,095 £21.8789
PT40 £43,354 £22.5333
PT41 £44,648 £23.2058
PT42 £45,982 £23.8992
PT43 £47,359 £24.6149
PT44 £48,775 £25.3508
Grade 9 PT45 £50,232 £26.1081
PT46 £51,736 £26.8898
PT47 £53,283 £27.6939
PT48 £54,876 £28.5218
PT49 £56,515 £29.3737
PT50 £58,207 £30.2531
Grade 10 PT51 £59,949 n/a
PT52 £61,820 n/a
PT53 £64,507 n/a
PT54 £67,192 n/a
PT55 £69,870 n/a
PT56 £72,552 n/a
PT57 £75,233 n/a
PT58 £77,909 n/a
Band 2 A £81,019 n/a
B £84,252 n/a
C £87,615 n/a
D £91,114 n/a
E £94,752 n/a
Spot (no points) £100,000

University of Huddersfield Salary Scales

Successful, innovative and modern – welcome to the University of Huddersfield

Whatever you aim to do in life, it pays to get a good education. And with high standards of teaching and learning and excellent facilities that’s exactly what our students can expect from the University of Huddersfield. Based right in the town centre and at the heart of the local community, we help thousands of people, from school leavers to those returning to education after a gap, achieve their goals each year.

Why do nearly 20,000 students choose to study at Huddersfield?


The University of Huddersfield is a growing centre of research and excellence and we always push the boundaries of knowledge.

  • Our academic staff are continually rated as providing high quality teaching in an exciting and stimulating environment. Infact, Huddersfield is first in England for professionally qualified teaching staff (HEFCE Dec 2016).
  • The UK’s leading university for the receipt of National Teaching Fellowships to mark Britain’s best lecturers in Higher Education for the past nine years.
  • We’ve world-leading applied research groups in biomedical sciences, engineering and physical sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities.
  • The University of Huddersfield became the Times Higher Education University of the Year in November 2013. Judges highlighted the University’s outstanding record for student satisfaction and employability with the University placed in the top ten in the country in both categories. We asked our staff and students why they thought the University of Huddersfield won the University of the Year award. Here’s what they said.


We have an impressive record for graduate employment, with 94.5% of our undergraduate and 94.8% of postgraduate students in work or further study six months after graduating (DLHE 2014/15). The University places a great deal of importance on industry experience and therefore 100% of our undergraduate students have the opportunity to undertake professional work experience during their studies.


Since 2010, £80 million has been spent on campus development making sure our students have access to some of the best facilities in the country. Our campus also has a vibrant social scene and we have a very active Students’ Union with more than 110 clubs and societies.


The University is growing its reputation as a leader in the field of enterprise. In 2012 the University was awarded the prestigious Times Higher Education Entrepreneurial University of the Year and followed this up in 2013 when it was awarded a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: International Trade. Professor Liz Towns-Andrews, Director of Research and Enterprise, also received an individual Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion.

We have helped a number of graduates to set up their own successful businesses and have a fantastic Enterprise Team who are here to help students get their business ideas off the ground. The Duke of York Entrepreneur Centre, housed in the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, is a great hub for students who wish to set up their own business and provides a great opportunity to network with other students and local businesses.