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Quality Assurance Framework

The University’s quality assurance framework is comprised of a range of systems that allow the routine monitoring and regular review of all its courses, including:

  • Annual Evaluation
  • External Examiners (Taught Programmes) and External Examiners (Research Programmes)
  • Subject Review and Revalidation
  • Validations
  • PSRBs     ‌
  • Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) audits

The University’s regulations and procedures for managing these activities can be found in the Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses and Regulations for Awards.

Institutional Quality Assurance Policies and Guidance Documents

Programme and Module Specification Documents

A specification document is a concise description of the intended learning outcomes for a higher education course or module, and how these outcomes can be achieved and demonstrated.

Find a current Programme Specification Document

Find a current Module Specification Document

Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses

This handbook provides a short guide to the procedures which the University’s Teaching and Learning Committee and Senate have adopted for the validation and annual evaluation of courses, including those validated by external bodies, and for the review of teaching and research and of academic support services.  It is aimed at academic and administrative staff and those at collaborating institutions.

Users of the handbook who require further information on any point should consult the Assistant Registrar (Qauality Assurance and Awards) or staff within Registry in the first instance.

Please Note: This section contains both the 2015 and 2016 editions of the handbook. Please ensure you select the appropriate version.


Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses – August 2016 Edition

You can either download the Full Handbook August 2016‌ or select the relevant section from the list below.

2016 Section A‌ – Committee structure, terms of reference and responsibilities

2016 Section B – Validation

2016 Section C‌ – Guidelines for the validation of major with minor combinations

2016 Section D‌ – The validation of distance learning proposals