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University of Huddersfield K Drive

Student K: drive

‌‌All students have their own personal storage drive on the University network.  You usually see this in My Computer as your K: drive. If you cannot see your K: drive, then please let IT Support know and they’ll get it fixed for you.

You can access your K: drive from off-campus using StudentHub or UniDesktop.

There is currently a bug in the system that displays how much space you have available on your K: drive.  Our storage partners, Dell, are working to fix this.

You can read about your K: drive in our Student Personal Storage Folder guide.  When things go wrong, you can also learn how to Recover Deleted Items Windows 7

The Storage Area Network (SAN)

The SAN is the University’s principal data storage system for both staff and students. It’s high speed, highly resilient, designed to keep your data safe and available. It includes sophisticated backup processes, ensuring that files remain available at all times. Deleted files can be restored unless they are deleted on the same day as they were created.

For most staff members, three storage areas are available.

  • Your K: drive: this is your personal space on the SAN.  It’s where you should keep all your files which are ‘for your eyes only’.
  • The L: drive, also known as the team area, is shared within your School or Service. You may not have access to all of it, depending on your role.  Team folder access is authorised within your School or Service.
  • The M: drive, also known as the shared area, should be readable by everyone in your school or serivce, but can probably be updated by only a few.  Again, access permissions are authorised within your School or Service.