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University of Huddersfield Graduation Robes

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Hiring your gown

Wearing academic dress at a graduation ceremony is compulsory and you can not participate or cross the stage without it.  It comprises of gown, hood and mortarboard and denotes your university and the level of the award you have obtained. On the day of your ceremony you should wear smart dress and it is recommended that you wear a shirt or blouse with buttons. Below are just a few examples of the style the gown will take; for a full gallery, please see gowns of the University.

gowns BA front ‌gowns BA backgowns MSc backgowns PhD front

Gowns must be hired from the William Northam website between 8 March until 26 June 2017. If done online the cost is £25.

Before you order, you need to have the following information available:

  • The name of the award which you will be receiving
  • The time and date of your ceremony
  • Your chest size and your height – should you require any special requirements i.e. an extra large or small gown please make this clear when ordering. William Northam will endeavour to meet your requirements.
  • Your hat size – measure the circumference of your head approximately 2.5cms above your eyebrows, and state the measurement in centimetres or inches.
  • Your credit/debit card details.

In the event of problems, they can be contacted at:

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 0870 2401852 (Textphone; dial 1800101 223 861 854 to access the RNID Typetalk system) between 9.00am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Gowns can be hired by telephone but will cost more than if done online.

If you miss the deadline, gowns can be hired on the day of your ceremony; however, the hire cost will be considerably more.

Please note that William Northams is our official provider and you are advised not to purchase or hire your gown from any other supplier as the quality and design requirements cannot be guaranteed by alternative companies. Any student whose garment does not match the University’s design will not be allowed to cross the stage unless they first hire a correct gown, thus incurring further expense.