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Drama, Theatre and Performance

Drama, Theatre and Performance is our passion: it’s a real-world subject and our flexible courses focus on exploring the broad church of contemporary drama, theatre and performance work, as well as the nature of historical performance practice. This practical and theoretical investigation will give you a deep insight into how drama, theatre and performance is created and received. You’ll develop your own creative performance practice as a performer, director, writer and workshop practitioner. We teach through practice and the practical application of ideas. You are assessed not only on what you know but in the creative application of that knowledge. Theory and Practice need to be in a dynamic and fluid relationship with each other and that’s how we’ve designed our courses and why we’ve put together a staff team who reflect the wide range of contemporary performance practice.

We are not interested in a ‘house style’. We are more interested in helping you to develop your own individual creativity and to understand how to use that to produce intelligent, thoughtful and innovative work. If you have a set of principles and approaches to work that you believe in and understand, then you are going to be able to use these to support yourself through your creative struggles, both practically and intellectually for the whole of your career or careers, whatever they turn out to be.

Recent graduates have gone on to work with professional companies such as The Royal National Theatre, IOU Productions, Slung Low, Point Blank Theatre, Chol Theatre, the Sheffield Crucible and Proper Job Theatre, as well as appearing in the TV series The Syndicate  and In the Club and award winning films such as The Arbor. They work as performers, directors, writers, technicians and stage managers. Others have continued on to postgraduate study, teacher training or community theatre work.