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By | 14th June 2017

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University of Huddersfield Alumni

Alumni access to the Library

As an alumnus of the University you can access the Library on campus and borrow up to five books at one time.

In order to make use of this service, please bring your degree certificate or results letter, along with photo ID to the Library, where colleagues will then issue you with a lending card. This will then be valid for five years, after which you will be eligible to renew it. If you do not have your degree certificate, please visit our Registry Office on the 9th floor of the Schwann Building on campus. They will issue you with appropriate proof to take to the Library.

To qualify as an alumnus you must have studied at the University for a minimum of one year and have completed a year’s course leading to a recognised University qualification.

Due to licensing restrictions you will not be able to access online journals or electronic materials or any kind either on or off campus. However, you will be able to use Summon as a catalogue to find books.

Public access to library facilities

Free reference access

We welcome members of the public to use our library facilities for reference purposes free of charge. Just bring along two forms of recognised identification (one to include your current address) to our Reception Desk and you will be issued with a Guest Pass. You can use all available print-based and some audiovisual materials (subject to policy and licensing) and gain access to our Archives and Special Collections (may require appointment). You can also use a limited range of our computing facilities (please note you must be 18 or over)

Individuals who are not employed by the University or registered to study here, and organisations based in the area can also pay to become borrowing members of the Library under the Public Membership Scheme.

Please Note: From 3rd April 2017 until 28th May 2017 access is restricted to members only.  This is due to demands on space from our students as they approach the exam period.

Public Membership Scheme

There are several categories of Public Membership:

CategoryEligibilityAnnual Membership feeEnrolment requirementLoan Entitlement
PersonalAny member of the public£30Two recognised forms of ID (one to include your current address)5 books
Kirklees + Calderdale Passport HoldersAll Kirklees + Calderdale Passport Holders£15As above plus a current Kirklees or Calderdale Passport5 books
AlumniStudents who have completed their course hereFree of chargeA recognised form of ID and a results letter/ certificate5 books
CorporateCompanies, Professional societies and local authority departments£100 per card. Each card is transferable within the organisationA Senior Manager will be asked to sign the enrolment form5 books
Local Societies/CharitiesAmateur/local support groups and registered charities£50 per card. Each card is transferable within the organisationA Senior Committee member will be asked to sign the enrolment form5 books
Schools/CollegesSchools and colleges in the region£120. The card is transferable within the school/collegeThe head teacher or librarian will be asked to sign the enrolment form25 books

Please see the Public Membership Leaflet 2016-17 for more details including a range of other services available when you join.