University of Highlands and Islands Research

By | 12th June 2017

University of Highlands and Islands Research

Research and Enterprise Office

The Research Office occupies Jubilee Lodge at Ness Walk, Inverness. If you are coming to meet someone in the Research Office see our pdf giving Directions to Ness Walk

The Research Office supports the work of researchers across all UHI campuses and can be a point of contact for questions. We also co-ordinate research strategy, research committees, policy, certain external enquiries, co-ordinate & monitor EU funds, co-ordinate/write funding bids, co-ordinate staff development and develop communication tools. There are many functions within the Research Office pertaining to research at the university so if you are not sure who to contact try the most appropriate and we will generally know who best to put you in touch with.

If you can’t find the exact person you are looking for then use the Research Office contact email:

Research Development and Strategy

Role Name Phone Email
Vice Principal Research Neil Simco (interim) +44(0)1463 279 506
Dean of Research Michael Rayner +44(0)1463 279 244
Head of Knowledge Exchange Joe Irvine +44(0)1463 279 287

Grants and Contracts

Role Name Phone Email
Grants and Contracts Manager Karen Furness +44(0)1463 279 349
Grants and Contracts Officer Sarah Wright +44(0)1463 279 285
Contract Administrator (PT) Catherine Pearks +44(0)1463 279 227
Contract Administrator (PT) Georgina Coburn +44(0)1463 279 248

Graduate School

Role Name Phone Email
Graduate School Manager Lesley Watson +44(0)1463 279 263
Graduate School Officer (PT) Janis Mackay +44(0)1463 279 241
Graduate School Officer (PT) Val Cooper +44(0)1463 279 229

EU Development

Role Name Phone Email
Director of European Development Linda Stewart +44(0)1463 279 302
European and International Programme Manager June Speirs +44(0)1463 279 232
European Development Officer (PT) Gayle Sinclair +44(0)1463 279 301

Systems and support

Role Name Phone Email
PA to Vice Principal Research Iona MacDonald +44(0)1463 279 205
Research Information Systems Officer Stuart Knight +44(0)1463 279 462 
Research Ethics Officer Fiona Leiper +44(0)1463 279 347