University of the Highlands and Islands Email

University of the Highlands and Islands Email

The university uses Office365 for staff and student email.

  • On a university or college PC you can access this through the Outlook Client.
  • On your personal equipment you can access your email through a web browser for access anywhere with an internet connection, this is known as the Outlook Web App (OWA).  Students are also entitled to download Office 365 for free with us.

Webmail Tips

  • We’ve found our webmail works best with the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox for access.
  • Use your email address for logging in (<username>
  • If you are having access issues and have Avast installed, contact the UHI Servicedesk for configuration assistance.
  • We’ve simplified the login process for the Outlook Web App (OWA). It now works the same way across multiple browsers, whether you are at home or on campus.
If you have problems with this service please contact the UHI Servicedesk.


There are a number of guides and Instructions available for Office365.

Videos (download WMV files)

Manage All of Your Communications (17MB)

Categories and Tasks (16MB)

Rules (13MB)

E-mail Groups (13.5MB)

Calendar Sharing and Meetings (12MB)

Calendar Basics (7MB)

Auto Replies and E-mail Signatures (13MB)

Search and Filter (11MB)

Connect to Office Outlook (13.5MB)