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This is a free enquiry service to check the availability and timescale involved in obtaining a transcript that will meet your needs.

What is an Academic Transcript?

An Academic Transcript is an official record of your study at the University of Hertfordshire. If you apply for further study at another institution you will be required to submit a copy.  You may also be asked to submit a copy for registration in certain professions or membership of a professional body.

A Statement of Academic Transcript includes:

  •      Complete listing of modules, level and grade
  •      CATs points achieved for each module
  •      Dates of attendance at the University of Hertfordshire

If you have not studied at UH recently, a full Academic Transcript may not be available.  Should this be the case, we can supply a Notification of Results, together with a covering letter confirming your award, if appropriate.  A Notification of Results will be provided if you left the university without achieving an award.

A Notification of Results lists the modules taken, the dates (month and year) and the results achieved for each module.

The School will make every effort to locate the appropriate records and then advise you of the cost of the service.  Standard charges are stated on the enquiry form.  However, in certain cases where extensive research and evidence are required, a higher charge may apply.

Note:  This is not an application for a duplicate or replacement copy of your degree certificate.  If you require this service, please contact the Examinations Office via email –

Requesting your transcripts

If you’ve lost your transcripts or need a replacement set, don’t worry, we can help you.Transcript image

Find the School that you studied in from the table below and click on the link. You will need to complete the form on the UH store website and the School will contact you with the next steps.

If you aren’t sure which School you need to contact, email us at and we can point you in the right direction.

There is usually an admin fee charged but the School will tell you about that when they contact you. Also they can take up to two weeks to arrange so please be aware of this when you make your request.

School of Study
Hertfordshire Business School
Computer Science
Creative Arts
Engineering and Technology
Health and Social Work
Life and Medical Sciences
Physics, Astronomy and Maths
UH Online
CPU transcripts (including West Herts College, North Herts College, Oaklands College, University Campus St Albans and Barnet College)