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University of Hertfordshire Lower Quadrant

Lower Quadrant – Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Lvl 7)

Why choose this course?

This course is designed for physiotherapists who want to further develop their skills in the management of patients with neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction of the lumbar spine, pelvis and lower limb. It is an expectation that course participants will have experience of (and an existing caseload of) patients with lower quadrant dysfunction. This is essential as it facilitates consolidation of learning. In addition course participants are expected to present relevant cases from their clinical practice to their peers. You should be a qualified physiotherapist. If you take this course as part of a postgraduate award a first degree or equivalent is required.

This course aims to enhance your existing knowledge and skills to facilitate a critical approach to neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy theory and practice from an evidence- based perspective and to apply advanced clinical reasoning skills to the assessment and treatment of lower quadrant dysfunction.

Course content

  • The theoretical basis and practical application of clinical reasoning
  • Anatomy, biomechanics and pathology of the lumbar spine, pelvis and lower limb
  • Pain mechanisms and tissue healing
  •  Assessment and appropriate management of articular, neural and muscle dysfunction​
  • Use of the available evidence to enhance practice​

​ You will be expected to work together to explore and share your clinical experiences to illustrate issues of patient assessment and management


The assessment is a combination of written coursework and a practical examination.


  • 26 September 2017
  • 11 – 12 October 2017
  • 7 – 8 November 2017
  • 13 – 14 December 2017
  • 23 – 25 January 2018
  • 27 February – 1 March 2018
  • 31 March 2018
  • OSCE TBC – 16 May 2018



Start DateLink
29/09/2017Apply online (Part Time)


Start DateLink
29/09/2018Apply online (Part Time)

Course fees

Credit level for this course: Postgraduate level 7 (30 credits)

See fees for UK/EU students

Contract funding for NHS staff

The University is contracted by the NHS to provide post -registration education/CPD and training for its health professionals. If you are an NHS employee contact the senior manager responsible for post-registration education/CPD in your Trust to check if the course you wish to attend can be supported by the Trust’s contract with our University.

Teaching methods

Classes take place at College Lane Campus, Hatfield. The course is led by Dionne Ryder and involves both University and external lecturers.