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Starting your own bus company

UNO bus at bus stopUNO is the University of Hertfordshire’s brand for its wholly owned bus company, set up specifically to provide staff, students and the local community with transport to the expanding University and local areas, as well as improving east – west travel across the County of Hertfordshire.

The Company was formed in 1992 as University Bus and relaunched under the trading name of UNO in 2005 to reflect the growing services demanded by the wider public.

Interested in setting up an UNO-style bus operation for your college or university?

The first stage would be for the experts at UNO to assess the travel needs of your institution.

We would look at the opportunities and constraints in your area and develop a comprehensive report.

UNO will then work with you to devise an implementation strategy.

Elements of the consultation

  • a thorough travel analysis of the requirements of the institution
  • GIS mapping of requirements and solutions
  • review existing situation
  • development of a viable operating model
  • full costing proposals
  • workshop to discuss ideas and solutions
  • implementation advice

At the end of any study a detailed report will be provided outlining the proposed solutions with full costing and the business plan developed with the partner organisation

The benefits to your university or collegehybrid buses

  • develop routes that suit your needs
  • improve links to university
  • advertise university to wider area
  • enable more students to live at home
  • alternative to car use
  • generate revenue
  • establish wider partnerships within the area

Uno Buses

UNO, originally named UniversityBus, was set up by the University of Hertfordshire in 1992 to provide to improve the transport routes surrounding the University.

Two decades after the company’s creation UNO buses have become a familiar sight across Hertfordshire, used by all members of the local community.

The idea

In 1992, the University of Hertfordshire wanted to create and provide a bus service to and from the University. UNO, previously known as UniversityBus, was created to provide student transport to the University from local areas; improve east-west travel across the county of Hertfordshire; and, to create new links between Hertfordshire and North London.

UniversityBus became UNO in 2005, a bus service not only for University staff and students but also the entire Hertfordshire community. The name ‘UNO’ stems from the University’s desire for this bus service to become everyone’s number one choice for travel.

How the University helped

The University plays an active role in ensuring UNO provides a fast and efficient service for all of its passengers. The University’s School of Life Sciences assisted in a venture to analyse students’ routes of transport. The School of Life Sciences were able to make recommendations of more appropriate and efficient bus routes based on an analysis of regularly travelling staff and student postcodes. These recommended routes would help reduce UNO’s carbon emissions, which would also result in dramatically reduced route fares paid by passengers.

The environmental impact of UNO remains a primary concern of the university-owned company. In 2012, UNO have introduced two new bendy buses to the University Park and Ride and Inter-Campus Shuttle Service. These new buses have increased passenger capacity, creating a more environmentally friendly service by generating fewer emissions per passenger. The buses are also fitted with new style ticket machines which incorporate GPS technology, as well as state-of-the-art equipment which informs drivers whether they need to slow down or speed up to reduce the incidence of buses bunching.

The results

UNO brings together the University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council, District Councils and the county’s bus operators to promote a high quality passenger transport network for Hertfordshire.

The only one of its kind in the UK, UNO is a successful bus company providing a fast, frequent and efficient service to all members of the local community surrounding the University of Hertfordshire.

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