University Of Greenwich Week 1

By | 13th June 2017

University Of Greenwich Week 1

First Week timetables

Timetables displaying first week activities for students beginning or continuing their studies on 9th January 2017 will be accessible on the Student Portal home page from Tuesday 22nd November 2016. Please note that first week timetables are not available via the mobile app

Teaching timetables for the current session, commencing 26 September 2016, are displayed via the ‘Timetables’ quick link on both the student and staff portals. Guidance to students on how to navigate programme, course and personal timetables is also available via a link on the Information page. The mobile app will display personal teaching timetables for students in a calendar format throughout 2016/17. Please check your timetables regularly via the portal or mobile app as they will update with any specific group activities you are required to attend. Please contact your Faculty/Department if you have any queries.

University Of Greenwich Week 1

2016-2017 fees

View our current tuition fees for home and EU students

Your fees

You should have received a fee advice letter advising you of your fees status. The fee shown in your letter is the standard fee for your programme and relates only to the annual tuition fees. It does not include fees for accommodation, living expenses or any other fees. You will have to pay these separately.

Tuition fees are calculated on an annual basis. For programmes lasting more than one year, a fee will be due each year. The university’s Student Finance Team will be able to confirm the fee for each year prior to that year’s registration.

Your fee status

Your fee status is decided using the information you provided on your university application form or from the Fee Assessment Form. If you are a home or EU student with equivalent or lowerlevel qualifications (ELQs) to the qualifications you already hold, you may have to pay more than the standard fee.

The university has a responsibility to assess the tuition fee status of all students in accordance with Education Regulations 1997 (Fees and Awards) and subsequent amendments. This means that the university will assess students to see if they are liable to pay tuition fees at either the home or EU rate, or at the overseas rate.

Your fee status will be verified when you register.

University Of Greenwich Week 1

Paying fees

If you are paying for your own your tuition, you will be expected to pay part of your fees at the time of registration. If you are not able to pay, you will not be able to complete the registration process.

We are only able to accept payments that are due to the university. This includes tuition fees and university accommodation charges. Payments made to the university that are in excess of the payments due (except where this is with regard to the refund of a discount on tuition fees paid at registration), will be returned to the payee or to the student’s home country.


If you wish to apply for a refund of a deposit, please e-mail accommodation services.