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Varsity. The biggest sporting event of the year. An inter-campus event played between Team Greenwich and Team Medway. This year nine teams will compete to be Varsity Champions.  Team Medway was victorious last year, who’ll walk away with the title this time? Support in style with a Varsity T-Shirt for just £5 from the Activities Helpdesk in the Student Village.

Varsity 2016 is on Wed 6 April 2016.

After Team Greenwich won 5-4 in 2015, Team Medway are hoping that home turf advantage may work in their favour this year!

Today is the day! We hope to see everyone playing and cheering at Medway campus today, but if you can’t make it over, or want updates across all of the venues, then follow our social media accounts to keep up to date!

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SUUG Twitter: @sugreenwich

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University Of Greenwich Varsity


  • Mens Football 1st – 12pm, Priestfields
  • Mens Badminton – 1pm, Medway Campus Sports Hall
  • Mens Football 2nd – 1:30pm, Priestfields
  • Mens Rugby – 3pm, MRFC Priestfields
  • Mixed Badminton – 3pm, Medway Campus Sports Hall
  • Womens Football – 3:15pm Kings Rochester
  • Mens Basketball – 4pm, Kings Rochester
  • Netball 2nd – 5pm, Medway Campus Sports Hall
  • Netball 1st – 6:15pm, Medway Campus Sports Hall

Team Greenwich Tickets & T-shirts

£5.00 – Varsity Ticket

£5.00 – Limited Edition Varsity 2016 T-shirt

Don’t forget to pick up your Varsity ticket today! The ticket entitles you to entry to the afterparty, a free drink and food.

Online ticket purchases will need to be exchanged for physical tickets at GKUnions Reception in Medway the day, and you can purchase tickets on the day from the GKUnions Reception on Medway campus.

*The ticket is in 3 parts, the entry ticket, the drinks voucher and the food voucher.

There are also a limited number of Varsity 2016 Team Greenwich t-shirts available – there are a limited number available at Avery Hill reception before 1pm, and from GKUnions Reception all day (until they sell out).