University Of Greenwich Transcript

University Of Greenwich Transcript

Duplicate certificates and transcripts

When you have completed your studies with the University of Greenwich you will receive an official certificate and transcript (Higher Education Achievement Report – HEAR) prior to the awards ceremonies (as long as you have no outstanding tuition fees or obligations to the University that restrict the issuing of the documents).

You will receive one certificate and one transcript which will be posted to you, using the address that you have given to the University (see Addresses, Letters and Keeping in touch for more detail).

However the University appreciates that you may need additional copies of your transcripts to apply for continued studies, employment, embassies etc. or need replacements of both documents due to damage or loss.

If you require additional copies or replacements of your documents please visit this page.

On our webpages you will find all the information needed to make a request, including the application forms and information about the fees applicable for each service.

Please note, that if you change your legal name (through deed poll, marriage or divorce) the University will not issue documents in your new name unless in exceptional circumstances (such as change in gender). If you need to discuss these issues with a member of the Student Affairs team, you will need to email, quoting the Greenwich ID number we issued you with and with appropriate evidence of the name change attached.

University Of Greenwich Transcript

Certificates and transcripts

Congratulations on completing your studies!

Your original certificate and transcript are important legal documents issued by the Conferments team in Student & Academic Services once your Faculty/Department/College has signed off your results and confirmed your award.

The university is now using new stationary for its transcripts and certificates. Any award dated from 1st January 2017 and any replacement of certificates and transcripts will now be printed on the new paper.