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University Of Greenwich Quality Assurance Handbook

Academic Quality Handbook

   The University’s quality assurance procedures are outlined in the University of Greenwich Quality Handbook (QH) and associated appendices. Our quality assurance and enhancement procedures adhere to the expectations of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)’s UK Quality Code for Higher Education, commonly known as the Quality Code, sets in place requirements which all higher education providers have to meet.

The QH details the University’s principles and procedures for approving, monitoring and reviewing courses, programmes and partnerships. The forms that follow below provide the templates and guidance notes referred to in the main text.

Programmes are developed with reference to both the QAA’s subject benchmark statements and the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Quality Handbook Forms, Templates and Guidance

Portfolio Planning

NPP1 New Programme Proposal: Programme Data for Banner (NPP1 Guidelines)

NPP2 New Programme Proposal Form

NPP3 Programme Title Change Form

NPP4a Proposal Form for Articulation Agreements

NPP4b Proposal Form for Progression Agreements

NPP5 New Programme(s) Visit Report Template

NPP6 Business Planning Template: Off Campus Provision (NPP6 Guidelines)

NPP7 Business Planning Template: On campus Provision  Guideline

NPP8 Request for Variation from the Academic Calendar

NPP9 Programme Change Form – Start Dates and Months

NPP10 Apprenticeship Trailblazer Information

DPP1 Programme Discontinuation Form

DPP2 Temporary Suspension of Programme

DPP3 Request to Reinstate a Programme

Course Documentation

D1 New Course proposal (D1 Guidelines)

D2 Course Change Form

D3 Course Discontinuation Form

Programme Documentation

D4 Programme Change Form

D5 Programme Specification (Guidelines)

D6 Programme Document (Guidelines)

D7 Critical Appraisal Document for Programme Review (D7 Guidelines)

D7a Critical Appraisal Document for Partnership Review  

D7b Critical Appraisal Document for Combined Programme and Partnership Review 

D8 Essential Information for Students

D9 Curriculum Vitae Proforma: University Staff

D10 Curriculum Vitae Proforma: Partner College Staff

Approval and Review Panels

P1 Notes for Panel Officers

P2 Notes for Panel Chairs

P2a Notes for Programme Approval and Review Panel Members

P2b Notes for Partnership Review Panel Members

P3 Programme Approval and Review Panel Composition

P3a Partnership Review Panel Composition

P4 Models for Programme Approval and Review

P5 Proposal for Approval and Review Panel Members

P6 Agenda for Approvals and Reviews

P6a Agenda for Partnership Reviews

P6b Agenda for Combined Partnership and Programme Reviews

P7 Panel member’s Expenses Claim Form

P8 Programme Approval Review Report (P6 Guidelines)

P8a  Partnership Review Report (P8a Guidelines)

P8b Combined Partnership and Programme Review Report (P8b Guidelines)

P9 Response to Conditions (Programme Review)

P9a Response to Conditions (Partnership Review)

P10 Response to Requirements (Programme Approval and Review)

P10a Response to Requirements (Partnership Review)

P11 Risk Assessment for Collaborative Programme Review

P12 Risk Catalogue for Collaborative Programme Review

Monitoring and Reporting

M1 Role of the Link Tutor

M2 Link Tutor’s Collaborative Partner Report (M2 Guidelines)

M3 Link Tutor Annual Report Form

M4 Annual Institutional Report [REMOVED]

M5 Annual Programme Review Template

M6 Course Monitoring Report for Partnership Courses 

M7 Programme Monitoring Report for Partnership Programmes  (M7 Guidelines)

University Of Greenwich Quality Assurance Handbook

Partner Approval Documentation

PSP1 Preliminary Rationale for a New Partnership

PSP2 Partner Context Document

PSP3 Due Diligence Form

PSP4 New Partner: Visit Report Template

PSP5 New Partner Support and Risk Management: Faculty Cover Sheet

PSP6 Notice of Discontinuation of Partnership

PSP7 Risk Assessment for Collaborative Partner Review

PSP7a Risk Assessment for Combined Partnership and Programme Review

PSP8 Risk Catalogue for Collaborative Partner Review

PSP9 Proposal for external Credit Rating

Special Guidance

C1 Regional Non- Specialist Colleges Teaching Level 6

C2 Medium of Instruction

C3 Pre-requisites for Collaborative Programmes

C4 Guidelines for External Credit Rating

C5 Contingency Arrangements for QA in a Hostile Environment

C6 Implementing Tier 4 arrangements: Guidance Notes