University Of Greenwich Psychology

University Of Greenwich Psychology

Psychology, BSc Hons

  • Gain eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) in a British Psychological Society accredited degree*
  • Be taught by research-active staff who are experts in their fields
  • Study the psychology of both adults and children leading to a variety of career choices.


From the latest breaking news stories to our own personal relationships, psychology is the backbone of modern society. Our degree opens doors to many fascinating psychology career choices.

During your time with us, you will be introduced to the core areas of psychology and seek to understand mind and behaviour. This will be through hands-on experimentation, observation and measurement. We have well-equipped facilities and laboratories to support all your activities on our psychology courses. Our creative teaching methods and assessment techniques are designed to be innovative and bring the best out of our students.

On this three-year degree, you will learn how to conduct, analyse and report psychological research through a series of guided-learning exercises. Our renowned tutors, who are all experts in their field, show how to take these methods and employ them in work and life. This culminates in an exciting, independent research project in your final year where you take the reigns before embarking on your career.

University Of Greenwich Psychology

You will study the socio-psychological processes that shape our relationships with each other. This includes both adults and children, observing perception, attention, memory and emotion. You will take a look at the behaviour, personality and thought in children, as well as studying the development of language and the biological processes that underpin all human behaviour. And by the end of your degree you will have a firm understanding of the causes and treatment of abnormal behaviour.


Our psychology degrees are ranked within the top 5 in London for student satisfaction by the Complete University Guide 2017.