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All our students have access to our online student portal. It’s a great way to find all the information you need during your time here.

Check your student record, get accommodation information, download programme materials, browse past exam papers and access library resources. You can even tailor it to suit your own interests and needs.

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Welcome to the University Portal online help material. This online help should be used as a guide for using the basic features of the portal. If you need more assistance with using the portal, or if the information that you are looking for is not included in this guide, please contact Portal Support.

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University Of Greenwich Portal

The University of Greenwich Portal is a web platform, which provides a single point of access to a range of online information and services provided by the University.

Here students and staff can see their course material, read their emails, access personal calendars, search the library catalogue, view their marks, participate in university groups, and much more.

To access the Portal, please click on the link at the top of the University website, titled “Portal“.

The Portal is also available by entering the URL directly:

The new Portal features a new login screen, which will alter to suit the device you are using.

Most importantly, however, you will still enter the same username and password as the old login page.