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University Of Greenwich Late Submission

Electronic Submission of Coursework – Information for Students

You will be required to submit most of your coursework electronically. Course Handbooks will identify cut-off dates and times.

Work will be submitted electronically via your Moodle course. This is a straightforward procedure and clear instructions are provided in each Moodle course.

All work submitted electronically will be submitted automatically to ‘Turnitin’. ‘Turnitin’ is an online service that compares your work with a database of journal articles, books and websites and previously submitted work and will identify the similarities between the database and your work. ‘Turnitin’ is often referred to as a plagiarism detection service.

‘Turnitin’ produces an ‘Originality Report’, which is a summary of the match between your work and other work within the ‘Turnitin’ database. A high level of match within the ‘Originality Report’ is not necessarily an indication that your work has been plagiarised. This judgement will be made, following full scrutiny of your work. As part of your feedback on your coursework, you will be able to access a copy of the ‘Originality Report’ for your work.

You will also have the opportunity to submit a draft copy of your work through ‘Turnitin’ which will provide you with feedback from the ‘Originality Report’.

It is important that you avoid plagiarism in the first instance and you may find it helpful to refer to the ‘Academic Conduct’ Channel, which can be accessed via the Student Portal.

University Of Greenwich Late Submission

Preparing your work for submission

Before you arrive at the coursework hand-in room please ensure your work is ready for submission.


  • The appropriate coursework header sheet is attached
  • It is collated and stapled, or in a plastic folder
  • Any extra items, such as CDs and radios, must be firmly attached to the coursework

Receipt of coursework

Once coursework has been handed in and you have been issued a receipt, your coursework cannot be handed back to you.

Submission deadline

If you are handing coursework in on the deadline date given by your course tutor you must submit the work by 1.30pm that day. After this time your coursework will be marked as a late submission.