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Recruiting student staff through JobShop

Please note: recruitment staff are strongly advised to complete the University’s e-Recruitment training online in order to submit a request.

How to recruit student staff

The documents below outline the main processes undertaken by the JobShop, as part of Human Resources. Processes are broken down into actions for managers and actions for JobShop.

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If you have any queries please e-mail:

Process documentation

JobShop Recruitment (between 3-9 months)

JobShop Casual Talent Bank (less than 3 months)

Job Description templates

The following sample job descriptions have been HERA role evaluated by Human Resources, and should be used for reference when submitting your job request.  When completing your job description template, only minor adjustments from the sample job descriptions are advised in order to help ensure the HERA evaluated rate of pay remains consistent.  If you require any further support, contact

Student Ambassador

Senior Student Ambassador

Further forms and information

Declaration of Working Hours

Eligibility to Work

Jobshop Certificate of Beginning Assignment (COBA)

Jobshop Timesheet

Jobshop Pay Rates 

Principal Conditions of Employment for Jobshop Students

Working hours (JobShop guidance note

University Of Greenwich Job Shop

The JobShop will shortly be updating the process for students who are interested in applying for work on campus while they study.  From Friday 4 April 2014, all campus jobs which are channelled through the JobShop will be advertised via a specially created Moodle course.

The course is called ‘JobShop Campus (campus jobs for current students)’ and you are encouraged to self-enrol at any time before (or after) this date to keep up-to-date on the latest campus vacancies.

·         Log-on to the student portal using your normal username and password

·         Go to the “My Learning” tab

·         Click on ‘View your courses’ in the ‘My Courses’ block

·         In the ‘Search courses’ facility – enter ‘JobShop Campus’

·         Click on ‘JobShop Campus (campus jobs for current students)

·         Self-enrol yourself to add it to your list of Moodle courses

University Of Greenwich Job Shop

The aim is to:

a)      Provide a single portal log-in for current students to view available campus jobs;

b)      Offer a wider range of information regarding how to increase your chances of securing work on campus; and

c)      Enable the JobShop to answer your FAQs online

From Friday 4 April 2014, the JobShop will no longer advertise campus jobs through GET Online.  Until then, please continue as normal.

For all enquiries, email